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Bioeddie: Your music is very inspiring fresh and alive so what can i say that has not been said a million time previously apart from thank you.
Pitar: Hey guys, thanks again for another magnificent creation with the 4th album! But the direct download option seems broken - is there a way to fix it? i always buy your music over your main website. ciao!"
Chris Jones: Congrats guys! Awesome new album. Eivissa has to be one of the best uplifting chill out tracks I've ever heard. Here in Guatemala looking across Lake Atitlan listening to this! Just awesome
Jacek Semen: Guys, I'm your fan since 'Authentic Reaction' from ATB's album 'Future Memories' and since then you never disappointed. Like ever. Each and every one of your albums is perfect. Just please keep it up.
Haász Rudolf: Guys! This material is fantastic!!!!
George Kelly: Just downloaded and listened to your new album 4. Every track is an awesome adventure into a new world. Nice job fellas. This is by far your best work to date. You have come a long way.
Chaer: I don't kown what's happen? New alburm is later for a lot of monthes
Music Lover: New album is coming !!!! I am so happy
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