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PepeAmpere: Hi Jools, practically not.
Jools: Any way to add xta to notalobbby?
PepeAmpere: Answered
MD: Thank you for all your hard work into this, I enjoy playing this with my friends every now and then. I have a few questions but will save it for the forum.
Adam: thx
PepeAmpere: nota is not dead, just some of us play less :) Adam: you can change the starting boxes by buttons under map. Make sure AI is in proper team/alliance (according the boxes) so they will follow the boxes size
notaplayer: seems this mod died along with the spring games
Adam: N.O.E. ai got so much better, it really adapts It would be awesome if it didn't start near players btw how to set areas for players to start?
PepeAmpere: We are still around, usually european evenings.
PicaCT: Its not a mod- its a game. Sigh- 3 Year Reeducation camp with hard labour?
djuuss: play this or Zero-K?
notaplayer: is this mod dead? have not seen any players in ages
Pwn: Noobs :D
Dinglediggle: Also, could we please get a place with all the maps in one spot? The in lobby downloader is grueling, the main menu map downloader is grueling, why dont they just come with the main download? Everything about getting to NOTA right now is grueling and unnecessary
Dinglediggle: Hey, whats up with the download speeds for maps and the game archive on this site? Its AWFUL. Average of 10kbps across the board, ingame and out. From Australia, We DONT mind playing on euro hosted servers. But the download is nuts. An Asia server would be cool. Itd be cooler if we could host our own servers?
PepeAmpere: Btw what I would prefer: tell me what you want on our servers and we can manage that. E.g. If you want one server in Asia or some good map, I can manage that.
PepeAmpere: Hi, nota maps policy: link » Making own server for playing using AWS step1: link » If you have own windows server, you can jump directly to step2: link »
Jez: Or run my own online server? The autohosts are on the other side of the world.
Jez: How do I host a LAN game?
Timo: i have downloaded some maps from springfiles but i don't know where i have to copy them to play
PepeAmpere: there is new autohost for with commanders!
PepeAmpere: If you need more autohosts, tell us. We can add more. We are using standard SPADS hosts - if you want to change some settings of our hosts, you can use standard commands: link »
Sparx: How do we host a game? The FAQ gives no insight, all it says to do is join one of the autobots, which are all currently down. There is one up, but you cant change the spawns or any game settings.
danil_kalina: update to 1.7.5, sorry
danil_kalina: Linux Players - Update notAlobby to 1.7.2
opcode666: Made a fresh install and its still only loading lobby 1.6.6 on linux.
PepeAmpere: opcode666: latest version of lobby is 1.6.8, i think this should be working there even on linux, try the upgrade first (or clean install)
opcode666: Hey the game beta 170507-2 wont load in the lobby (1.6.6 linux) what am I doing wrong?
Dujin: Never mind, figured that out too.
Dujin: Also, how do I change maps in a game? When I join an AUTOHOST game and attempt to use "!map" it tells me I don't have privileges or something. If that's the case, how can I host a game (so that I can use the !map command), or is there another way I can change the map in an AUTOHOST game?
Dujin: Yes, the problem is still there. I didn't uninstall an old version of NOTAlobby (1.2.5), and my workaround is to startup NOTAlobby 1.2.5 and register an account through there (it works!).
PepeAmpere: Is the issue still there? There can be some uberserver (not our server) problems which make acount service not available. Usually those problems happens just few minutes in a week. Tell us if the problem is still present.
Dujin: My friend is trying to register a NOTA account so we can battle each other, but when he presses "Register" he gets "Internet Connect Error". Also, the demo logins don't work for either of us. Does anyone know what's wrong?
Dujin: Yep, issue is resolved. Thanks guys!
Dujin: Oops, I'm using version 1.2.5 of notALobby. I'm going to run setup for 1.6.7 and see if that helps.
PepeAmpere: To make it clear: NOTA fully works only once you use our client - notAlobby - which you can get on download page. Any other client - like SpringLobby or Weblobby or TASClient - may have problem. We are not developers of those clients :). If you use our lobby, there is form you can use for reporting bugs. notAlobby client will send us you log files so we will know where is the problem. GL
danil: Dujin, what lobby version you have? if you have old, reinstall please, auto-update didn't work. The latest version of lobby is 1.6.7
Dujin: Hi, sorry for being a noob, but where can I find NOTA 1.9? When I try to start a multiplayer game, I am told I have errors because my NOTA is not synced to 1.9, but when I try to click Download it gives me another error message for failed download. Thanks in advance!
danil: we have macOS working game and lobby version, but we didn't make a setup yet. you can contact: link »
skr: Hi guys! I tried installing NoTA on my mac (v10.12), and although the installation went off without a hitch, when I try to do a skirmish or a quick game nothing happens when I click the 'start game' button. Any advice on how to debug? ShoutBoard