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Most Skins Are Fags: most Skinheads Are Faggots Nowadays ... Talking about Commies and Nazi's!... Go Lick Each other's Dirty Boots you Dumb Frustrated Queers! Real Oi! Died in 1984! Wannabes!
Rampetamper: KRIEGER, CHAKA And ALT REICH!!! F YOU... Follow You Leaders And Commit Suicide! Assholes!!!
Rampetamper: Nazi IQ 80 %
Rampetamper: Krieger Is MKer
Kem: 161 Crew!
confused: oh nvm
confused: skinheads against racial prejudice?
Chaka: Red commie faggots! Eat shit
AltReich: reds and commies eat shit and die!
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