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StuntMuffin: Anyone still play on this server?
Toughtonyhawk: I have no clue when, why, or if I even said I might be changing my name to herobrine next month.
Herobrine1632: Someone is hacking the server right now, it keeps shutting down for no reason after this guy demanding 5$ paypal got banned.
Pitbullgrim11: Does anyone remember me?
Toughtonyhawk: I might Change my username to Herobrine Next month
gearoid11: Hello
Bladestone102: Please re-open server and unban me.
EliteSkorpion: lol im changing my username to Nitro \
bladestone102: ive been banned for over a year now and i still cant get on. i dont even know why i was banned. pls unban me. IGN: bladestone102
Leatherrlion: Server is down? ShoutBoard