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OBTS: Excellent website!
Rayaan: I cannot play the Addons
Jake West: Hi, Every time I press the start button on OpenBVE with the train and track loaded, after the loading bar reaches 100% it brings me right back to the Main Menu? Any suggestions why?
Dexter: Would you prefer them to be nowhere?
weird: so why are they here?
Dexter: Will you guys ever understand that these questions need to be asked elswhere?
Brown: Will there ever be a full Jubilee line? Stanmore to Stratford or even Stanmore to North Greenwhich / North Greenwhich to Stanmore / Stratford to Stanmore/Wembley Park/Willesden Green?
Hash: Does this work on hmmsim if it can show me please or I can have the file.
Steggars: Quick wonder, will the 1996 Jubilee Stock come with ATP Codes like the 1992TS for Target Speed?
JJ: I cant hear the annoucements. I got the sound file in the correct place cause i can hear everything else but no annoucements. only if i press f5/6 4 times then it would say "This train terminates at Liverpool St". Does anyone know a fix?? ShoutBoard