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Alejandro Melo: The facebook page OpenBVE CIWL Trains is a Openbve Mexico Intrenacional group...
Alejandro Mel: Ok thank's images for work in facebook page: @openbvemexicociwl
Dexter: + a mention of my site somewhere in yor work would be nice!
Dexter: Hello Alejandro, feel free to use my class 163/362. Let me know about hte result, so that I can check it out.
Alejandro Melo: Hi...I'm "Melo" from OpenBVE CIWL Trains...I can use your "Class 362" locomotive in Venice Simplon Orient Express 2018 edition?...You can launch this train in you page ;)
idk: When I try to move the train, nothing happens. I have followed the instructions..
Dudebrains: Hey! I downloaded the central line and I can only see signal flares, the train, and grey when I load up!
openBVE fan: The Rosice Railway section doesn't work. When you click on it nothing happens.
chris: when should be the jubilee line finished?
hb: when i download the central line it opens up with train but a black screen ShoutBoard