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hb: when i download the central line it opens up with train but a black screen
Kieran McMenemy: I like the map and how it is detailed very well. But there is an error with the 1996 Tube Stock, where a message appears and said " The train plugin Jubilee.dll caused a critical error in the route and train loader: Method not found: 'OpenBveApi.Runtime.PlayCarSoundDelegate OpenBveApi.Runtime.LoadProperties.get_PlayCarSound()'. " Can this be resolved in any way at all. This happens on all of the maps with this Tube Stock.
Dexter: I will try again. This shoutboard is dedicated to reporting errors on the website, saying hello, or giving suggestions. As it states in the hosting section of this website, I am not the author of the Central Line. Therefore please visit the BVE WorldWide forum and post your question there. Thank you for understanding. ShoutBoard