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Harry: Thank you! Win war works!
Harry: Thanks for the info, I'll try Winwar.
Dexter: Harry: *.7z files can be opened in the 7zip archiver, or I believe win rar should be able to assist as well. When I download the file and try to unpack it, I don't encounter any issues.
Dexter: Hello, which route? If your question is related to any of the hosted routes, please post it on our forum BveWorldWide. Thank you.
Harry: Hi, when I try download the route files it saves as JLE%20Phase%202.7z which isn't the same layout as the Phase One as it downloaded with all the folders included, but with this it's just the single .7z file, that I can't open. If you can assist me, that would be welcome.
FeiP: Hi! I have a problem ! After i load the route, the window are grey!! I can't see anything about outside. Can you fix the problem
Dexter: @Erich: Please send me a screenshot to And by the way, I understand Czech and Slovak also.
Erich Bohos: Hello please help i have 395 missing files in the brno track how do i fix this
Dexter: @CentDriver: You will have to post that question on our forum, since that route is hosted on my websiote, I am not the author of it...
CentDriver: Hi, I'm so sorry, I was unaware of all the other lines you have available for rdownload. I'm talking about your fantastic version of the Central Line form EAB to LIS. Despite - I think - following the installation instructions carefully, when I load the route, I only see the functioning cab but the window is grey. I thought, maybe this problem occurred before and/or is known by you. Another user reportet similar issues earlier in an comment below. Regards ShoutBoard