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cqb: unban pleas
cqb: čau vipni mi prosimte ban dostal jsem ho bez důvodu dik pepo
cqb: čau,proč nefungují servery dik cqb
22cmD: Hi all, glad this site is live! where i can find the coj controller? down :( my mail: thank you!
lorka: hello all fbi, why u ban me please i am not cheater i am expert since 2008, look youtube for screen press lorka call of juarez and look please remove prohibition ty.
m-sk: nemas ban
Fizz: Hello, I got ban 2 days ago. Me, my brother and our friend were playing without any cheats/hacks and suddenly were banned. Can someone be so kind and explain to me why that happened? Před 2 dny jsem hrál se svým bratrem a kamarádem na serveru FBI public a při konci jedné mapy nás to odpojilo s tím, že jsme zabanovaní. Ani jeden z nás hacky nepužíval, a dokonce ani do outmapu nechodil. Prosím tedy o unban IP adresy :
Shinigami96: Hey, I have today been kicked out of your server by two morons doing yourself 1 vs 1 nothing would have happened but the ban lasts until now. You can do something about that? My nickname: * OS * Shinigami96 my IP:
m-sk: pepovi napis sem link »
Rio: Zdar Pepino mam prozbu posleš mi prosim odkaz na fb od Ricky Ross dik moc
sheeta: hi team fbi, please badboy or pepinoz stop ban me for nothing, i am clear player but to expert for you, ok now i play mode soumission , ty all.
sheeta: hi all why u ban me? i use only jump expert, i am cool player please stop ban me i like kill u pepinoz hehehe but srry . ty
Sony: hi fbi played on your server banned. Is Able To who remembers me my nickname Sony
Aldirus: Ahoj! Měl bych takový dotaz: snažím se založit nový server, zeptal jsem se jednoho z Vás a ten mi řekl, ať se zeptám Pepina. Ten mi řekl, ať někam jdu, že mi to tam vysvětlí (já zapomněl kam...). Tak Vás teď prosím, abyste mi poslali podrobný (jsem dost natvrdlý) návod na mail nebo (asi lépe pro další, co se o to snaží) to napsat na tyto stránky. Díky moc, Aldi
ARNOK: TY msk , i used to play great games with u, i expect it will continue with fair play.
m-sk: removed the prohibition
(=FF=)Doom: Hello FBI TEAM, I am still ban of your server. I had the nick “Led” and as I all the time kill Screppy, he has ban me for lag. It is not necessary to unban me, I am tired to with noobs like him. Say him that I ban him in server FF as soon as I see it there!
Drakonet: Hello,please unban me,I am not cheater.Thank you.
(=FF=)Doom: Ty, FBI ........ Team
FBI team: Hello Doom, we apologize for the ban which you have received, but nobody wanted to plead for It, so we took away some admin rights and nowadays just a few reliable people have It, you are unbanned and we hope you will come to FBI server again * FBI team
(=FF=)Doom: Ok Guy ! Several days and not of answer! and I am always ban! I understood! too bad!
Fury: hey guys, i'm johhny and i'm playing coj since 2006. I'm writing because one of your mates banned me for nothing. I'm playing just for fun so i'm not using xfire but i got a xfire profile (helljohn94) . Please unbann me and if someone will want screenshoot or others things i will do it. Have a fun in game =)
(=FF=)Doom: Hello, Todayi I went to make a DM on your public serverr with my “Krypton” nick. A player who was called “Beta-Testing” me killed and treated me noob. I killed it in my turn and I called it noob. Normal, not? But it was an admin and he ban me at once. On the server FF one does not insult the players whom one kills. And we dont ba not without informing and certainly not without signing. I invite you to give me the name of this bad admin. Many players complain now about administrators FBI. It is not good for your TEAM. I am an old and patient guy, but today I did not appreciate a whole!! As long as I will not know that which did that to me, I will systematically ban all the players FBI who will come on the waiter FF. I am really in anger. Afflicted
Pett: Zdravím, právě jsem byl ZABANOVÁN na servru FBI. public server za PING PATCH, bohužel do doby než jste mě za toto zabanovali jsem ani nevěděl co to je. Vlastně si nejsem jist ani po tom, co jsem si to našel na netu. Rád bych, kdyby jste mě odbanovali páč žádný PING PATCH nepoužívám. Nízký PING mám proto, že mám rychlí internet a grafiku na nízké úrovni. Děkuji za pochopení Pett
cyberjarek :: pl: Why you banned me on this server today?
Keksik: hele proč mi to furt píše, že sem byl odpojenej od xf když se připojuju, přitom mi de net a všechno normálně funguje
AlexandrVeliký: Chtěl bych požádat o zrušení banu na serveru.Normálně jsem hrál a najednou bez příčiny jsem dostal bana.
AlexandrVeliký: :) Aha tady sem to ale debil.....
AlexandrVeliký: Čau nevíte někdo kde jsou ty nové mapy - na ulož to nemůžu najít
=*FBI*=WieshaK: hej mario zmen ten text v JOIN=FBI=Clan bo pepole think it still works to send us screenshot with 30 frags......
m-sk: to neviem
Keksik: hele nevíte někdo proč mi nejdou spustit webowky xf? potřebuju si obnovit heslo
m-sk: ano
LemraLina: hej diva se někdo z FBI vůbec sem nekdy??? :(
LemraLina: čau, nejspíš jsem omylem dostal ban na FBI Pepino (není to kick ) ale ja zadne hacky nemel proste po skonceni mapy me to kicklo a nepustilo do hry a tak prosim nekoho aby se na to podival :)
Pantera: Hey I was just banned from the clan server for spawning under terrain.. can someone remove the ban?
=*FBI*=WieshaK: Yes, now this clan is very active and we play many clanwars or funwars.
Pantera: Ok I'll have to ask is this clan still runing or not.. i haven't seen anyone for a long time..
=*FBI*=WieshaK: Yes in fbi is =*FBI*=WieshaK bro :)
Zeus(=CZE=): Zeus(=CZE=) = D3V!L Now I have this nick: D3V!L
Zeus(=CZE=): Only last thing. Is in FBI =*FBI*=Wisheak?? I see him I have question for him:FBI real nick?? But he dont answer my question.
Zeus(=CZE=): I am CZ
Zeus(=CZE=): Hi.I am again there.I do not have a x-fire but I think it does not matter??Write me on skype.
Zeus(=CZE=): Hi FBI. I want to join to your clan but I cant send the photo. My best score is 48 kills for 19 rounds. My skype is ghosto.ghosto. I was in CHIF clan, in W.K.A, in RR clan and AC clan.Write me please.Thank you.Bye!!
MisieQ: Copy from Facebook Hello CoJ Community !! :D How are you today ? Look CoJ is in ESL .. Great hm ? yes that is great because ESL is really big company and Walker did all what he could to see CoJ in ESL.. But cmone everyone is happy but you are lazy.. lazy to play something oO 5on5 Ladder 16 clans - i think that we have much more in our community.. 5 clans inactive Most Talented Players - CoJ - stats : 5-1-0 we will play something soon because we was thinking aboud cups etc. SPARTA - 4-1-0 French - Flair - 1-0-0 French Flair International - 0-0-1 The Legendary Teabaggers - 0-0-0 Other clans i see your stats didn't change yet.. HunTer - 0-0-0 CMONE LETS PWN THAT ESL ! SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO ... CoJ Community isn't small -.- but is lazy 1on1 Ladder 71 players in ! 10 inactive with stats 0-0-0 6 inactive with other stats. I know that there are many cups in 1on1 but if somebody will loose he won't play in this cup anymore and you are waiting for other cup.. then u can play 1on1 Ladder. 2on2 Premiership Cmone 32 teams on and only Group H have some matches played. this cup is really great beacouse we can win something o.O Groups A-G what is going on ? Cmone people don't sign up when you won't play.. I think there are players who want play that cup but they didn't sign up. ( reason - time etc.. ) You all wanted CoJ in ESL and you have it. So why are you going to delete CoJ from ESL ? THINK ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING ! I KNOW THAT YOU CAN. Sorry for my bad english. Best Regards, =|mTp|=MisieQ™ hi all i go play coj tonight
MadMax: dzieki za info
MadMax: dam wam mail
m-sk: madmax kontakt napis na seba aby mal dr,roman neh moze napisat ci si ofline
MadMax: siemka dlaczego nie zapraszacie mnie na war z innymi klanami,czyżbym był za stary i oko miał nie pewne
MANIQK.BG: I love your friends FOREVER FBI
EliTeGaminG: Hello guys , can you help me ? How to make server ? on CoJ 1 ?
m-sk: link » teamspeak3 dowloand
m-sk: hi mani
MANIQK.BG: hi all and hi BIG BRO
m-sk: games honestly
m-sk: no cheat friend
=*FBI*=Billy[BG]: oh yes and when is the fbi server going to work :D
=*FBI*=Billy[BG]: Hi Fbis today i entered the -=XF1=- server and thay told me that fbi are cheating... just informing you ;) :D
=FBI=Billy*BG: all thanks to MANIQK.BG
=FBI=Billy*BG: I just wanted to say that I am back on CoJ after i finally found cd key
m-sk: yes
MANIQK.BG: play coj?
Hellgirl: Thx im good
m-sk: hi good and you ?
Hellgirl: Hi all! How are there?
m-sk: siemka max :) skype pls
MadMax: hi friends who play coj
m-sk: hi mani
MANIQK.BG: play coj?
m-sk: hi mani :)
eL´$!L3NcIo: high fbi´s are invited for the new league...join me in x-fir: 2ilencio...or sign directly on the homepage...hope i see ya soon: link »
m-sk: siemka max ja som bol holiday 6 day
MadMax: Czy ktośgra jescze w COj bo prawie nikogo nie widuje
MADMAX: UFF OK prawie dwa m-c nie gralem
m-sk: siemka madmax :) utorok budem na skype
MadMax: Majo gdzie jesteś kiedy gramy w COJ
m-sk: all players fbi dowloand UAC2 and register and teamspeak3
Filiper: jaky mas ten email m sk mam ten obrazok pro teba s 30frags
m-sk: hi kiri :)
m-sk: Thursday trainig 19:00
m-sk: hi rea hi all
m-sk: ok
JuRaSeK: Cau koukam z eti furt hrajete ja uz si chci dlouho zachrat ale nejak se k tomu nemuzu dokopat :D pak vam to ukazu jak se to hraje
Blake_CZ: Sorry to all, but I can not play today in clan war with THK. My connection is broken .
OposxD: Będe niedługo FBI mam nadzieje że znajde kumpli :P
Buddy(THK): hi all fbi's we can play at Thursday/19:00 cet our war?
Cyper: Dlaczego przecież jestem w klanie sporo czasu, czemu nie dasz mi hasła
m-sk: sry ale heslo nedavam mame len 3 heslo ShoutBoard