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Snowdance: How to Vote for The Melange Factor favourite. ----------------- Simply join/subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave the name of the artist you support in the comments area of the clip you watched.
Snowdance: To vote place a comment on the assocaited Youtube video with the Name of the Act and the Act Number as displayed on the video. You will need a Youtube account. If you wish to vote without using Youtube, please email Harry. But Youtube comment is the best way to ensure your vote gets counted.
Safira: Yeahh, my friend was singing, and I vote for him, but till now nothing
Bradley: Does anyone know who wan the Melange Factor 2013 of March?
luiz: hello, l'd like to know how to vote. It doesn't let us vote.
Fukayna Qaishara: I Egyptian goddess from Eygpt, would love to sing some baladi with less classical twist, more Baladi+Cypress Hill+NIN+Nirvana and Belinda Carlisle. I think it digs? I will cum soon, maybe next time! :)
George: Hi I think I would win this competion I entered a few months back but could not come Bcoz I felt unwell but I will be entering next year look out for me I got to the judges house on X factor 5 years ago so watch out for me every1. See u soon
Snowdance: Show is generally suppose to finish between 9 and 10pm, though often runs over. 11pm is the latest overun
Ash: Hi, Please can you tell me what time the talent show will finish on Sunday - using public transport so need to make sure I am covered? many thanks
Barry Balowitz: Richard, your profile pic?? Reminds me of The Shinning, ala Jack Nicholson =)
Sarah Simpson: Saw my friend perform a few months back and thinking of taking part this month. She was pretty good but I think I am much better :D I emailed Harry but not heard back yet... ;/
Molly: ohhh fabulous my lovelies, I felt like a fluffy little bee all night, all warm in my vocal flight, thanks for a great night ;)
Gloria: When is your next Melange Factor, please? I love to take part if you still have spaces!
Hello: Snowdance you are the best! ShoutBoard