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flo: how u doin?
Maawal: Trackmania Skin Collection (More 7k for TMNF/TM2) link »
Dulje: m'name jeff
jeff: jeff
maawal: Trackmania Skin Collection (More 7k for TMNF/TM2) link »
Shadow: After all these years i see this site for the first time :3
L337mon: Ah, fun memories
caca: qui est fr ?
caca: slt
filippol: WHere I can find papamobile for Trackmania United Forever?
[ANON1]: Where's the Zafira and the Meriva?
DarWolf35: Some people should totally get together and create 3D/2D skins of actual Hot Wheels cars to use in Trackmania Nations Forever! The game itself uses tracks very similar to Hot Wheels tracks. The ones that should especially be created are the Highway 35 cars- link » Skvělý webík! Koukni na můj eshop link »
Flux: Need a new beetle for nations forever.. plz..
MrMaikiu: I want the skin from the TMNF Cover
machr293: Do you have a larger image of your "Coast"-pic? I would like to use it as desktop screensaver!
Veri: link »
bjorn: hello im am shearching for a Skin Corvette C5R color no prob
Daniel: This site is of congratulations :D
Takumi22tb: thanks but i just talked to my friend who it was created for and she said the author didnt want it on carpark :( since it isnt going up i ll tell you it was the watson revenge racer from burnout.
Admin: Quelqu'un pour l'aider ?
Helpe-me: Salut, je voudrais juste savoir la raison pour laquelle les modèles de Jambon ont été supprimés de Carpark, et est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me faire la liste de ses modèles? Merci beaucoup :D !!!
Cherry_Shock: Já jsem ve škole (Im in school)
Firstdriver: @ aljaz123456789 ... click on the pic of the car you want. Move the car zip file from 'Downloads' to the TM car folder at C:\ .... \My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\StadiumCar. Create any folder that is not there. Restart TM, go to TM Profile / Vehicles / Stadiumcar and select you car. Go race and have fun :)
Firstdriver: @ takumi22tb yes mate, you can still upload the models. Just state 'Creator Unknown' in box or search for creator on TM Carpark :)
Sharky: Good cars
TM sunrise: nice page
aljaz123456789: how i can download car
DJC: Could someone tell me, who made the Monaro VXR? (link: link » ! )
takumi22tb: hey i have 2 car models that arent on here... the only problem is that i dont know who the creator of the 3d vehicle is.... i dont wanna take the credit for the model cuz its not mine... but can i still upload it?
Czech: Sorry . If something so I know it but the guild by name . prominte ale tamto je zle . mat tak byt .Kdyby neco tak jsem cech ale to poznate podle jmena
Czech: If anything here zak guild but you know it by name . Kdyby neco zak sem cech ale to poznate podle jmena
Czech: the Internet is simply the best. Nani dream functional skins found on the old TM nation ESWC. , contrary to TM carpack. There's nothing to me. yeah and still. want to tell the skins on TM Sunrise sports car completely stalls operate and how well the TM nations.
Cineva care joaca tm: Nu pun ca nu le pasa!
thank: you verry mutch :D
Who cares?: great server, thank you for all the good skins!
racer123: is possible play tm sunrise DEMO on widows 7 x64, in a forum i see is possible if i folow the steps in forum,but it works on DEMO too?
racer123: you need to create Vehicles.and next stadium car if u want in stadium. coast car if you want in coast i think
scott72998: Can someone please put in a Nissan R92CP lemans car or a toyota minolta 88C V up for download?
Firstdriver: I don't know mixoooo .... this is basically a shoutbox or to ask if anyone can help
mixoooo: who is admin
mixoooo: hi southmoon
ciprian: la joc se poate pune masini astept un raspuns
alkoholsaufer ;): he he lol i download a TMN car for TMUF
já: škoda že ostatní neviděj to auto v nations
Firstdriver: Zyphr ..... Put the car zip file in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\Andy\My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\vehicles\CarCommon
Firstdriver: psypoteur:try this link for a GLASS Stadium Car link »
Administrator: Down for 1 minute The website will be down for 5 minutes for maintenance, please have patience...
John: Čaute lidičky !!!!!
John: This is good server !! thanks for cars . StarGate-1 and StarGate-Atlantis 4ever !!!!!! Startrek stinks !!!!!
psypoteur: i see the Car Ghost. pls could you tell me if someone can post the stadium car Ghost pls?
Jamie1234/Hammerbro: Nooooo the sites dying
tja: ne bin deutscher
Crystal: Ouai, français :)
damien: vous êtes francais ?
Zyphr: how do i install the cars??
teapot: anyone know a classic desert car for bay in sunrise??
xXx: Hi everyone :D
XMcEngelX: Tolle Autos gibts hier !!!
Moderator: Hello, I am Jack.
MissleDriver: Anyone here have steam?
lolo: need to be member to play with need to be member to play with?
Bajajchatbox: test from html link »
Bajajchatbox: text from test shout
drift: Can you upload ae86 trueno for coast car
Franta PIVKO: is car škoda? where?
Franta PIVKO: nevite někdo jestli je do hry traktor? jestli ne udělal by ho nekdo?
...: for both tm original?
...: can anyone upload a bay car for desert and an island car for snow.
lawrencio: annyone has model for skoda favorit?
Firstdriver: Nell ... trackmania has been installed but it also puts a TM folder in My Docs. Cars (unzipped) must go in the folder at ..My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\Carcommon ..... if you dont have these folders then create them manually :)
Firstdriver: Devastater ... Either create the folder manually, but also put a CarCommon or StadiumCar folder inside it..... OR ... Paint a car in Editor / Painter and TM will create one for you :)
Firstdriver: t.b ... There is no crack for TMU ... Well worth paying for tho :))
Firstdriver: >| ... police cars can be got from TM CarPark
Firstdriver: Elmer ... add the car zip to My Documents / Trackmania / Skins / Vehicles / CarCommon (or StadiumCar if you have that, either will do) Dont unzip it.
Firstdriver: lico ... Sorry lico ... only on TMU I'm afraid :( Defo worth the mony tho :)
Firstdriver: alafilhado ... add the car zip to My Documents / Trackmania / Skins / Vehicles / CarCommon (or StadiumCar if you have that, either will do)
Firstdriver: Niels ... they can see your skin if you have TMU (Trackmania United).... but only you will see it if you have TMN (Trackmania Nations)
Kirbsta: Do you take requests 'cause ive got a good one: Hot Wheels cars would look awesome in TM Sunrise. Any chance of making HW Cars?
Niels: Can otherone see the skins online? Can other see your skins?
grayman: demandé moi en ami MON NOM : grayman44 /// //// Add me in your friends MY NAME : grayman44
noob: nyny
Proffessional: if u want to add cars add them hire Documents and Settings\rr\My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\CarCommon (if u dont have folder create it)and dont unzip just put them there
Robert: Hi when i use mods the weels on the car white? have i done anything wrong?
lolboy: can someone make a mazda rx8
stormrider2: hi
alafilhado: i cant add cars to TM Nations, can someone help me?
superfinder94: bellissim
blabla: voila salut voila dsad
DTC: personne ne parle francai ici
DTC: je vous aime avec se super bon jeu mais sa me fait chier j'arrive pas a ajouter mes propre caisse depuis blender
Great Site: Awesome! Now I don't get the error 'R6025: Pure Vurtual Function Call' Thx!
trackmania pro: this is the only place that i know that has skins for trackmania sunrise! good work! ShoutBoard