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Lys: Hi Andy, I am glad that you like my comics! I plan to work on the story in future. Unfortunately I am quite busy with my jobs right now. I hope that it will settle down and I will have time to work on my own stories soon.
Andy: Hi! I love this comic so far. Are you gonna finish it? Your last page was on june 2016 :(
Lys: Thank you! I am happy that you are enjoying the comics! The next page should be here quite soon - I have the last exams tomorrow and then I want to start drawing the comics again!
Tewna: I look forward to the next page whenever it's ready. Even if it takes a month to get here.
Lys: Hello! I created a new shoutbox for those who are not familiar with Disqus comments. I'm looking forward to seeing your comments! ShoutBoard