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Sawitel: Is the comic book still active, as you can unlock chapter 4+?
Old_Fan: For anyone who finds these comics or old fans like me who come back to check for updates every now and again Fany has new comics up here link » including the complete version of Crow and World of Wishes which has the same dragon-type characters in it. So go there if you're looking for more awesome comics!
That Guy: is chapter one a already published book? Where can i buy it?! I must know what happens
Autum Dargonflame: Dear Iva Fanny, You are the best author/artist I have ever had the privilege to view. You are by far my favorite comic on the internet. You are never too old to draw a comic! I have many dreams involving art and stories. I found this comic years ago, and have read your comics time and time again, wishing for an more chapters. Today I found Crow's ending. If made me so happy! If you ever read this, know you are loved, your stories are loved, and there are those awaiting for your return. Much Love! ~Autum
Henrik: dang phone deleted rest of my message -.- well was just asking if you have a deviantart account or something like that, as I'd like to stay uptaded :)
Henril: love the artstyle and love the idea
Dragonflame: I read your comic months ago and have wished ever since that there wass more. You can never be to old to write a comic, as long as it is loved. I have several stories myself that I would love to draw. The problem is that I am a terible artist. I wish that you would keep writing. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I understand that you are busy. If you have read this, thankyou for your time. You are a wonderful artist and writer and I hope you can find time to write again.
yep: shes alive but seems to have been rocking like crazy with her art business, cant really blame her for giving up on a time-consuming free comic. still Im sad.
maria: OMG that picture in the back of your artbook of Falcon carrying Mini on his shoulders in the snow grabbed my heart, I cant get it off my mind at all , it gives off so much feeling.... I wish I knew the whole story *cries*
Truth-sayer: She's on Deviantart link » And she's totally still alive
Her boyfriend: She is dead... :(
Elijah: I hope you continue updating this comic again! I love anything with dragons, and you're comic is amazing!!! Love from Canada.
Triskel: Last updated in december of 2010? :( But this artist's comics were so AWESOME! Really hope You start Uploading again, Dragon Heroes is the BOMB
Blue Moon: Hey Fany! I read your fruit-vegetable Billa comic! Though, the story was rather weak, I was glad to hear the story wasn't yours (not that I thought it was your kind of story). Thanks for making it clear on DA that you are only the artist. Your art takes it to another level, it's very original and simply awesome! BTW The dubbing is cool too. I'm happy for you got such a cool job- I see you are a fully acknowledged artist now! Still, I'll be waiting here for your return someday ;-)
Rogue: In response to your above farewell, try repeating it to writers of works like DMFA and Two-kinds. your comics were some of the first i read. please don't stop them just because you fell to old.
Pedro: It's so sad. I Had so many hopes that this comic would come back someday. Guess it's ended for good. I part of me died with the news. Anyway, keep going with your life and be happy, and thank you for the awesome art!
nikolai: im sad that this comic ended mostly because of the story and the awesome art work that was happening. I hope you go on with a new comic or even Dragon heroes. But any time i see your art work it brightens up my day and put a smile on my face. I wish you the best of luck in life and in your art work. P.S please keep drawing Best wishes Nikolai
Crimson Leaf: It certainly is sad for such great work to end, but I understand Fany's reasons. Thank you for sharing your awesome comic with us and thanks for that lovely last picture. I wish I could see that reunion in your comic,I bet it would have been a heartbreaking scene. Good luck in your next projects, Fany!
Aaron: I'm so saaaaad! I never wanted this great comic to end! This is worse than the end of the world..! TBH I didn't get how could someone do such an excellent comic for free from the beginning so i'm not all that surprised, but still.. IT'S SUPER SAD!! I hope to see more of your work in the future, Fany!
Darkhog: It's very sad. Can you at least upload what you have (whole Crow, etc.)? Also could you consider uploading all remain scripts so other talented writer/artist can continue it (though not me - I don't have very much time on my own)?
Orange: aww, man, that pic and those words really send chills down my spine! I mean, it was scary to read about the end of this amazing comic, but your words made it a beautiful goodbye and that reunion drawing just makes me wanna cry! I so wanna read that scene!.....but I guess its impossible. anyway, good luck Fany and thanks for this cool comic!
BlueMoon: Fany, thank you for such hard work and congratulations for achieving your dream! Your speech is so beautifully written and and the picture of ?reunion is so strong... I wish you all the best in your career and am looking forward to your future projects!
The dark lord: Yup, guess the comic is over for ever... this is sad, cause this comic was so much awesome. I would have really hoped to be able to read the whole story, but I guess it is't possible...
BlueMoon: So it looks like this comic won't continue because the idnes competition in which you voted for Fany was rigged after all and they refuse to give her the money she won for her studies. Well, it's the typical Czech greed that instead of giving the prize to the respective owner for her studies the company makes up stupid excuses to keep the money. Man, I'm glad I have never met such terrible people, poor Fany
Dragongirl: O.O Wow! Well done on getting your book published, Fany! Those illustrations look amazing! :D
Orange: OMG!!!!!!! thats really her book? But she was just a highschooler just now! im totally speechless...... ive always known Fany was a good artist but these pics in the book are way too amazing!
BlueMoon: So now this explains everything: link » Fany worked at a publishing house and got her book published... she's amazing, look at the preview... Guys, let's face it, when an artist reaches a certain level, there's no way they'd bother with something for free.... But I'm honestly happy to have seen the beginning of Fany's career! Good luck Fany, we're rooting for you!
james kuhn: can i ask when will their be more comics if hes publishing it as comics in stores were can i buy its hurting me to come here and not see any updates
Dragongirl: What was the compitition for? I voted on Facebook but I don't know what I voted for Anyway, if you did win Fany, well done!!! :D
Orange: YESYES!!! Fany won! The rulez were something like the first 50 people win and Fany IS among them yaaaay! congratz Fany!!! now?
Alicia: So... the voting has ended? I hope Fany won! Where can I see it? I think 315 votes were enough... but you never know whats behind such competition I wouldn§t trust them......I so hope that fany won!
Crunchy: It happened to me and my friends too, the confirmation emails weren't even among spam... Are you sure the whole competition isn't rigged? We all here have high doubts about it after going through the translation of that contest. Never heard of something so weird... Be careful Fany, looks fishy.
niminani: I wanted to vote but those bastards didnt send me the confirm email sorry, Fany :(
mphdragon: *heard to hear
mphdragon: Glad to heard from you Fany. Gonna vote for you. :)
Dragongirl: Fany are you back? I voted for the Facebook one but couldn't figure out how to in the first website... Sorry! What are the votes for?
Marca: I wonder if the next comic will be color or black and white, because in the artbook it seemed like Future Game is black and white and the special Wish is color, I'm confused... well not that I mind either, the author is great at coloring and the grayscale was the same level! I'm sure it's definitely worth waiting! Don't give up, Fany, no matter what is going on your side!
CrimsonLeaf: yeah, think so too. and cant wait for Future Game too :) the cover really hooked me up and the images from the artbook as well! Go Ray go! (sorry to those still waiting for the conclusion of Crow but Ive already read it printed so Im excited about the next manga :-D
Orange: man Im really looking forward to the futuregame comic! Fany is just probably doing commissions since webcomics dont provide money, and will be back soon
james kuhm: i love the comic but will you blipityblank update it the last time i was on this site i was 2010/12/21
minty: wen u going 2 update if u even update at all.
Dragongirl: No news yet unfortunatly, but I'm sure Fany's fine, we just have to be patient :)
Nox: How are you, guys? Any news about Fany? I didn't hear anything from her since september. Hope she's okay.
Dragonizer: It's probably just her computer issues, guys. That didn't stop being a thing.
Rave: James, not "he", but "she". And she didn't.
james kuhn: did the author of the comic crock because it seems like he has
baba: geez, calm down, she's surely just busy, even if I too, would love to read new comic pages, this story is one of the best I ever read, but I am afraid that it will take a lot of time before it starts again, if it ever does.
Rave: Spark, I don't think it'll come soon. Don't know what is with Fany and if she's ok. I'd like too to see next pages, but sadly Fany is either busy with school, sick or... No, I do'nt want even think about it!
Spark: Love the comic! Just found it yesterday and read through the whole thing. Any chance of it coming back?
Nox: z-z-z
Black: ?
Rogue: I'm still here
Dragongirl: Hi Thekheram, welcome and all of that! sorry the webcomic seems to be on hiatus, and I'm not sure when it'll return or how many people are still around... But I'll welcome you anyways! (Post on the forums if ya want too! :D It's kinda died... )
Thekherham: Hi. I just discovered Dragon Heroes and I love it. I'm a fan of online comics and this is my favorite. I was disappointed when it ended and I was wondering if Iva will continue it. (My name is pronounced Tee kee' rahm)
Dragongirl: I'd say Fany would like to, but is busy with college etc. I'm sure updates will come in time.
james kuhn: you still making comic strips?
Nox: Guys.. You're making me sad, 'cause I don't have neither artbook nor paypal to buy it. Fany, hope you had a great holiday! Nice to see people still come here even that you're not online. ^^
CrimsonLeaf: OMG the Failure pic in the Artbook is so indescribably astonishing! It's definitely the best I have ever seen! (an I browse DA everyday) It's so emotional and deep... The sun rising behind the fallen skyscrapers, shining through Falcon's wings, the desperate pose of Falcon, Mini's sympathizing expression... It left me totally speechless. Congratulations on having such a great talent!
The strange person: I am the person who is interested in your art, Fany. Watcha dragons. They are closer than you think...
Dragongirl: Yes I agree, it is beautiful, I love the colours. (I belive it just says 'may all your wishes come true' in many different languages)
mphdragon: Awww, what a cute image. (can't comment on what it says lol)
Dragongirl: Cool, well done with the exhibition! :) And yes, you should definetly continue with the comic! (I think so anyway )
mphdragon: sweet photos. (adding something pointless in here so it isn't marked as spam)
SedrinDragon: Wow just found your comic and read it all in one sitting. Very wonderful stuff cant wait for more!
Dragongirl: Thanks! Pity it's really far away from me...
mphdragon: link » Here the full image.
Rave: It's about Fany's Art Exhibition which will take place in December 1-12 2010 inBeroun, Chech Republic.
Dragongirl: What is that on the left hand side of the screen? I cannot read it for some reason, half of it is cut off... It looks like the illustration 'fly to the dream' with half the word 'invitation' above it and some times and dates down at the bottom with most of the word 'artwork' and 'fantasy' Can anyone see the whole thing?
Rave: Oh and by the way - I\'ll post some pic on the forums. I finally got scanner, so...
Rave: Fany, can you make some drawing tutorials? Of course when you'll get new computer. I think that this will be great thing if you'll teach us how to make such wonderful pics! I have some pictures on my own, but they're look kinda strange and I want to improve my "normal" drawing skills. Also when I'll get PayPal account I'll donate you - don't have enough money to buy your artbook or paper version of dh/crow but I'll give you some money when I'll be able to.
Orange: but it is there, I have it. Link:
Jio08: Fany please make the image on the ARTBOOK cover available as a print! I want a poster of it! Thank you so much!
Jio08: No wonder everyone loves the ARTBOOK, I can't find new words to describe it that have not been already said! I have a pretty big bookshelf of anime and manga artbooks, but this one really stands out! Full of beautiful original pictures, each of them has its own strong mood that makes you stare at it for a long time until you realize you should move to another picture =) Thank you, Fany for such hard and beautiful work, your pictures and comics are a true eyecandy! Best wishes! Jio
Orange: AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I love the Artbook so much! Thank you for letting us see such gorgeous illustrations! I cant wait for the Future Game!
Darkspeeds: Whoops! I'll be celebrating my big launch on Halloween. I'll be getting Crow and Shara featured along with my other favourite Indy comic creations on the Halloween Special artwork. ;)
Darkspeeds: Hi Iva! I just recieved all three of your books from KA-BLAM and I gotta say they're amazing! If you get the chance check this out. I got your banner on my 'WANTED LIST' to the left. Hope we can be affiliates! ;)
Dragongirl: My artbook arrived just this morning, and I am very impressed! It is really as good as everyone says it is! I love all the pictures, and you get lots of sneak peaks of Future Game and even into DH volume 5!
Dragonizer: I just got my art book in as well. I love it! It's really cool to see how DH and the characters sort of evolved and came about. Also concepts! =D Beautiful work!
Joey: I have just got the artbook and can't express how AMAZING it is! The pictures are simply GORGEOUS! I love especially the picture where Falcon is fighting another Falcon(?), the Escape from Hell, the meeting of the blue dragon and Fayllen and the Failure illustration (I simply couldn't take my eyes off it, the atmosphere and feeling it gives out is so sad and breathtaking...) THANK YOU for such an amazing piece of work! And good luck at school, I will be waiting for more of your breathtaking artworks!
Dragonizer: Congrats on being pick of the week! I ordered the artbook the other day, so I should be getting it soon. :)
Dragongirl: Yay! Another page!!!Well done for pick of the week! I really can't wait for my artbook to arrive now!!
Soul: gratz with being the pick of the week Fany
mphdragon: Congrats on being chosen as pick of the week :D
ToraYasha: The new page, That's a gem? I thought it was an eye. XD''
mphdragon: That picture is awesome :D Nice snow :P Also good luck at university Fany.
Soul: so.. let me just, force my eyes of that picture... That is a damn beautiful cover. it really shows something, i felt a hint of aloneness and sorrow when i saw it. And of course, Good luck Fany.
Roman: Oh my! CONGRATS!! I wish you good luck! You know, it is always useful :D Don't worry about the e-mails. Your education is much more important. BTW, our admin is back! You know what I mean ;)
Dragongirl: Aww! Ray looks so sad, I just want to hug him and cheer him up! And well done Fany, you should be proud that is a really good university! You'll make a great teacher I'm sure :D
Joey: Oh, WOW! That is definitely the MOST impressive artwork I have ever seen!
Sandra: Amazing picture, Fany! The coloring and the snowstorm is so impressive! I just love it! Congrats on getting into university, you will be a great teacher, you are always so nice to everybody! Good luck!
Dragonizer: There are too many comics out there that utilize the manga style. To be honest, had I come across this same comic, albeit with manga-ized humans instead of awesomesauce dragons, I most likely would not have started reading. x: Also HOMAHGAWSH artbook. I will buy soon!
Joey: Only $9.99? That's a very good price for a full-colour book this length. It seems to be printed with the same service, just different covers. Then I shouldn't worry about the quality because the quality of the comic books is very high. And I'm here for dragons too. It's one of the aspects that make this comic so unique!
Dragongirl: I agree with hellfire, I probably wouldn't be here if not for the dragons! And I can't wait for the Artbook! $9.99 is a very reasonable price for 76 pages of fantastic art!!!!
hellfire: Artbook! WOOT! Congrats, Fany! And the new page is awesome! I love the way you do the coloring! BTW: I LOVE Dragonheroes as they are, as DRAGONS! Who could have asked such stupid question?? manga pff... Dragons rule!
Dragongirl: Hmm... I had a tiny inkling that something like "the rule" existed here when I read under Crow's profile sheet, there is a clue there that says he is another form of Falcon too. Shara must be another type of Mini then! BTW, cool sketch, I fail at drawing characters who are facing me!
hellfire: Oh, that's so good! They say that you can see how good an artist is by looking at his sketches. I have seen many artists who did good illustrations, but their sketches were so 'stiff' as Orange said, and smudged that it looked like a sketch drawn by a little kid and then it turned out that they redrew their good images from someone elses artwork. I love to see someone draw such a quick yet effective picture! You are so good Fany!
Orange: Thats what I wanted to know, cool! but I would like to know more about that rule. The image is definately the best scribble Ive ever seen! I wish I was as good as you when you sketch! All my sketches are too stiff and yours are so lively...
Orange: Yeah I would like to know that too. Is it Falcon?
Yuki: Is the character from Future Game Falcon? They look very similar. It would be nice to have a cute little Falcon in the comic
SandraMJ: Guys, I already said this time ago. Sandra /= SandraMJ. We're different people. I started my comic a boatload of time ago, I would never ask another people for help/ be affected by people saying my art is bad. Also, Sandra, if someone says your art is bad, ask them for reasons so you can improve. Otherwise they're just jerks. Okay?
Dragongirl: Yeah Sandra, don't let people get you down! :D Just focus on your art and ignore people if they say things which aren't too nice.
Sandra: Thank you, Fany. Filiecs: I don't post anything online, you may have mistaken me with the other Sandra- it's no good we have the same name :( The comic joke is great and I want to see the image on the screen in better resolution, too!
Filiecs: OMG that was hilarious! Very creative comic. @ Sandra: People are saying your art is bad? I look UP to your art. As soon as I get as good as you I may be able to get as good as Fany! Beware, I've been practicing. >:D
mphdragon: Cool :D 5+1=6(nearly entered 7) (hmmmm, adding something as this was marked as spam for some reason.)
Dragongirl: Thanks for the invite! I might join tomorrow or something.
mphdragon: Dragongirl join the forums :D Also tutorial sound great. :D
Dragongirl: Oh Wow... I just found this comic. It's so awesome! I can't wait for more! I'm also looking forward to the tutorial, my art is nowhere near as good! Ps. Crow is my favorite character!
mphdragon: lol, love that joke comic :P
Orange: Gosh! that image you have on the screen is so COOOL! Can you post it next time please??
mphdragon: I might sound gay after saying this, but I'll say. CROW IS HOT! :D
Sandra: I'm just experiencing something similar.. my friends suddenly started saying bad things about me and my art. I'm sad, I don't know what to do about it. I wish I had as hard skin as you :(
Soul: Thank you for the explanation, it puts a lot of answers on the many questions there were. Indeed the envy between artists is sad. Also the new page is just lovely, i really like the look in Shara's eyes when she was rescued.
Rave: (...)*when you'll be(...)
Rave: Agreed with Joey. Fany, how about posting several drawing tutorials, whe you'll be back to business (new computer)?
Joey: WOW! This page is awesome! Crow's red eyes are so cool!
BlueMoon: Yes, it's sad that people enjoy hurting others. I remember the case on its peak and it was really horrible how can a person act (although I didn't know at first it was all that girl). I'm sorry for Fany and Tracey (who was the starter, but ended up horribly). I'm glad Fany didn't take that abuse seriously.
Orange: I dont like this rivalry among artists. Some of them really act like little kids when theres someone better than them. Good thing that Fany is a good person.
Soul: well. since i haven't looked into it i can't really say anything else, so guess your right, sadly.
George: Soul: unfortunately nothing with that olven was misunderstanding. It was explaned somewhere. She just attacked Fany for unknown reason and tried to make her look like she did something bad by spamming shoutbox under some nicknames when Fany was in hospital. It was obviously an attempt to disgrace Fany before her fans and I would believe she is still trying to take this comic down. You wouldn´t believe what that old envious hag wrote about Fany in one czech forum. ... Great picture, Fany! We are looking forward to read Futuregame!
Soul: Orange: as far as i know, i have gotten the impression of a misunderstanding, but since i didn't go far into the case, i'm quite unsure myself. but i still have my doubts. Also, that picture. cute, colourish, beautiful and a sign on how friendship is. truly, a picture of many words
mphdragon: Awwwww, so cute.
Orange: Filiecs: I think she said that it is a part of Dragonheroes, like Crow or at least it looks like it to me. Why would she make a parallel webcomic with dh characters that is not dh?
Filiecs: Loving the new pics and the story seems really interesting but running 2 webcomics seems like a lot of work. You sure you can keep up?
Joey: It's one of the envious artists, most likely. Since this comic has become quite a phenomenon, many comics are heavily influenced by it, many artists imitate the style and it's always best in the toplists, it's no wonder it has so many enemies.
Orange: i dont see a misunderstanding in anything mentioned below
Soul: Orange, i doubt it was her. Even if there was a big commotion about it, it was all a misunderstanding from some other fans.
hellfire: Yeah, I wonder what people find so wrong about someone being so good at something.
Orange: richard is annoying. Or maybe it is that olive-whatever over-envious girl from Fanys country? I feel sorry for both of them that instead of improving their own skills, they try to bring down people who are better than them. Theyre lacking something in their own life, so, to make themselves feel better, they go and try to bring others down to their level. Such a shame. But youre right, that just proves how good this comic is :D
Rave: Or maybe midname of this person was Jerkys?
Rave: Yeah, the name of this person is Richard Dorkney Retarded. Anyway, Fany - keep working! If you can't use computer, use pastels, paint or whatever you have. I saw great comics made w/out computers (except speechbubbles), for example "Public humiliation" on DrunkDuck. I'd like to see if you can make as great graphics without tablet and computer as you did with it.
hellfire: Hey. did anyone notice that stupid person that tries to take Dragonheroes down on every toplist? I have never seen such silly envy :D :D :D It just proves how great this comic is!
Orange: I think Fany wants the reason you like it or not, Rave. I personally prefer the orange (not because of my name), but is action and I love action. But the red one has a lot of sadness in it, it looks like something really bad happened in the comic, so I dont know.
Rave: Red is older, Fany estated this in her news. And I like better the one that she posted now.
July: Which one is the first? The red one is older, right? I love both of them, both emit that feeling that something is wrong and that the comic is going to be epic, but I think that the orange cover is better for catching the eye of a reader.
Rave: ^-^
Rogue: never mind, i was clicking archive instead of comic.
Rave: Rogue, clear browser's cache.
Rogue: Whats going on? I cant get to page 14 or 15. Anyone know whats happening?
Rave: I think that first version of cover is better.
Soul: well one thing is sure Fany, Future game looks interesting. I also think i should get some printed versions of Dragon Heroes, just for the joy :3
Orange: Yeah, congrats, Sandra. Its stupid that people didnt get that their fanarts were meant for print. But we all know that people are unreliable so what would we expect...
Soul: Congratulations Sandra!
SandraMJ: Aw, it really is a pity that no one else sent the images in the correct quality. Oh well, I'm really glad the picture I'll draw will be in the artbook! :)
Orange: Whoah! The demon dog is pretty scary, i love him! And the cover of your new project is simply amazing, I really cant wait for it! I mean, I cant wait for both Crow and Future Game :D
mphdragon: Congrats for winning Sandra. Also awesome page Fany :P
Joey: WOOOOWW!!! That image is AWESOME! Future Game? Man, I can't wait for it!!!!
SandraMJ: Rave. I was using the newest one for about half a year. I know what I talk about when I say Photoshop is better. GIMP has a lot of glitches, and it's better for photo manipulation than drawing.
Rave: WTF? link »
Rave: So which version of GIMP you've used? 1.0.0? In newest versions almost all glitches are removed except loading, but this is something you can get use to. At first you need time to get use to "Separate windows interface", but after you learn how to work with it it'll become obvious that GIMP is more powerful than PS.
SandraMJ: Sorry to argue with you, Rave, but GIMP works very different from photoshop, it's complex, it's got a lot of glitches, takes a boatload of time to load, and it slowed down a lot my computer back when I used it. Photoshop is WAY better than that.
Rave: Oh, and great art. As usual.
Rave: Fany, moderation isn't the only way to rid off spam. There is reCAPTCHA, so automatic spam will be deeleted. And do you really need Photoshop? With GIMP you can also use tablets and there also are almost same features than in PS. GIMP also have less sustem reqs. so you should be able to use it on brother's comp.
JohnS: Amazing! I have read like 1000+ webcomics, but this one is totally outstanding! It's very original and interesting, the pacing is perfect and the work with colors! I think your art doesn't need a comment, simply the best of what I have ever seen. What's more, you're the mistress of drawing emotions, many artists have problems with that. Simply outstanding work. Keep it up!
Rave: Fany, how about adding commenting system on comic pages, similar to this one that smackjeeves/DrunkDuck has? I think this'd be good idea, so people could comments below pages and you'll get opinions about your page?
eishiya: Question: Is the smackjeeves mirror of this comic ( link » ) sanctioned or not? The person posting there doesn't even provide a link back here, or give the author's name... It looks quite suspicious.
Rave: Heh... If only I have more cash or spare computer I would send it to Fany. By the way - Gimp have less system requirements than Photoshop, support tablets and there are similar function as photoshop, so it's possible it'll run on brother's comp. I waitng for page 13, because this is wonderful comic. Some idea for regular updates: on SmackJeeves you can choose date in future when you're posting comic page. It is called "comic schedulling". Maybe implement something like that in your cms and simply don't worry about updates unless "comic cache" will end?
guy in black: this comic own!!! this is probably one of the best comics i ever have seen too bad ya dont update so often :)
mphdragon: I would join the contest but I suck at drawing :D Unless you want stick figures.
SandraMJ: Okay, I sent my entry for the contest :V
Saku: I love this webcomic! The artwork is simply amazing! Keep up the great work :D
SandraMJ: Just to make it clear, the person below is another user, not me :U
Sandra: I can't wait for the next page! This comic is awesome! And Fany, thank you very very much for helping me and being so nice to me even though you are ill and have your own work! You are as awesome as your comic! Other artists didn't even reply. I wish every artist was as kind as you!
Vincent: I think she has already reached a very high international level. I have read many webcomics from and TWC, but this is by far the best I have seen. And it isn't only the art. The whole comic is like a book you just can't put down and then you suddenly notice that there is no Next button, which makes you anxious :)
George: Orange: Yes, it is a village. There is not much comptetition in her fields, mostly only imitators and persons without experience. Maybe thatś the reason why Fany decided to make the english version.
Orange: George: Czech Republic is a village :D Fany should aim higher!
George: Vincent: Yes, Fany is the best webcomic, dragon and furry artist in Czech republic, so don´t be surprised :)
Vincent: Whoa! Such great comic exists? I can't believe someone does something this awesome for free! I wish I could meet you at one of the festivals like Otakon, but you're not American, are you? That's a pity, you'd be a hit at the festivals!
Soul: Orange: he isn't writing anymore, and the debate have ended in there, mostly. It seems to be all over now at least, on the forums, though i do not know with the shoutbox, since the shoutbox hates me, and got the habit of refreshing the page when i read the shouts, going up to the top again, so i can't follow well on what is happening here. And sometimes i can't shout, which i have heard others also have that problem once in a while. And Fany, Hope you get better soon!
Dragonizer: Whoooah, updates! Excuse me while I squee in happy. Glad you're back, hope your arm gets better, etc. :)
Orange: Hey, guys from the forum, havent you noticed that that PYK user is just another clone of richard-loser? He knows too much about his machine and writes the same nonsense, just now hes trying to act cool. Why dont you ignore him? And Fany, get better soon!
Ginny: GREAT! My favourite comic is back! YAY! Thank you, Fany! Just please don't get discouraged by those people who are trying to annoy you, they can't do anything themselves and are just envious of you! Keep up!
Orange: darcia: you really are a sorry case to have to hide behind nicknames, olven. I wonder what your goal is. If youre just bored, go marry richard.
Rogue: good to have you back again. I had marked the comic as dead and was happy to switch it back to active.
Darcia: BlueMoon: I find it sad that you have to immediately think that I am Olven, do you think that there is noone who can have different opinion? Well, surprise, there is and I am one of those people. Actually I myself am registered on and I didn't notice people there having problems with Olven.
Tori: I'm so excited that this comic is back! I checked back every now and then and I'm so happy to see that you're still going to update and I really hope you can obtain a new computer.
Rave: Fany, please, when you will be here go to forums and check PMs, because I sent one to you with some kind of proposal.
BlueMoon: Darcia: just look what that Olven wrote in the czech shoutbox. Can you really not see that she wanted to frame Fany for making a war with Tracey? Do you have another explanation apart from envy? Oh, I get it now, you are Olven hersefl under another nickname. We have had that case here not long ago.
Sonny: I heard about that hag Olven from a long time ago too and really everyone was complaining about her, so Fany is right. I saw her pics and there really is nothing interesting except the attempts to immitate Disney. Fanys pics and everything is obviously way better, how can you even compare that imitator with Fany? Fany may not have so many years of experience, but what counts is ORIGINALITY.
Darcia: why would Olven want to be envious of you I really don't know. Have you ever seen her pictures? Don't take me wrong, you can draw, but you seem to be really full of yourself.
Joey: Awesome comic! I can't express how much I love this comic! It's so different from other comics, has great art and entertaining story. I also like that the author can tell the story amazingly while having just a few characters. Other comics are overflowing with characters who are unimportant to the story and often are hard to distinguish. This comic doesn't have this problem which makes it very professional. Keep up!
Soul: Agree! hopefully this should end it, High five to the team! *high fives*
mphdragon: Awesome new page :D
Fany: You dealed well with richard-loser, guys! Good work! I have deleted most of his posts and left only those that people continued their conversation from. I also deleted posts sent from different IPs everytime and his sickening attepts to write under the nicknames of real users. I left the Lurker ones and Troll ones, though it is him as well, the conversation wouldn't make sense without them. Does everone agree?
Rave: Can any one ban this idiot from this? I slowly getting sick of him. Probably others too. Richard, you should go to psychiatrist, not Fany or anyone else from this site. You suffer from serious condition and you should go to hospital. And BTW: Fany, your comic is beautiful and I love to see what happen next. I also inviting you to visit my comic (although it suspended until september, or until finishing of my flash anim I still need feedback and comments). Click here: link »
George: Though I haven´t seen much of that Phoenix comic, I have to agree. BTW ignoring that richard-loser´s bitching is a good idea. LOL We will ask Fany to remove his posts when she gets back. All he is doing is just making an idiot of himself and showing us how many words starting with fu- he can use. I´m sure Fany will agree to this since she made a friend of her pursue anyone who uses vulgarisms in her czech shoutbox :D BTW? Was there anyone who read all richard-loser´s posts? They are too boring and long for me to read LOL
Orange: Yep and most importantly Dragon Heroes are not a cheap soap opera, thats the best point Lucky made. Im allergic to those overused pathetic romace stories. Dragon Heroes comic is fresh and quick and I like it.
July: Yeah, I agree with Lucky, this comic is simply awesome! I love the characters and the pacing of the story and art is the best I have ever seen. The Phoenix artist may have more experience, but Fany beated her quickly with her storytelling skills and most importantly the perfect expressions, which is more important to me. Fany also have better use of colors to support the mood and doesn't use those cheap methotds of getting attention like drawing manga humans, but keeps her original style and her own way of doing stuff and that's what I admire about her.
mphdragon: @Lucky I agree @Richard Lol, your just getting even more crazy the more your wrong.
Lucky: I love this comic so much, it's so amazing! No wonder it got in the way of the other artists on TWC. I remember trying to read some of those in the top ten, but I just couldn't get myself to read them. It was clear that people voted for them just because they updated often and not because of good story or art. For example Phoenix Requiem is of similar art quality as Dragon Heroes, but it was just painfully unreadable: it had no story whatsoever and was just like a cheap soap opera. But Dragon Heroes are clearly made to entertain readers: the pacing is fast, the characters are very original and interesting and the story is full of gags that everyone can understand, with some sweet moments as well. Amazing work, Fany. I can't wait what happens to Crow!
Orange: Why is everyone crying about webcomicZ being down? I vote there everyday and I it always worked fine, just take a look. Dont worry, it was just richards hoax.
Soul: Aye.. feeding a troll is a bad idea, like trying to kill fire with gas, only difference, seeing people trying to kill fire with gas is just, funny.
Luciano: I'm not a spammer. If my proposal interest you see: link » and link » my email: Cordially Luciano
Ridek: I'm ... fairly confident, anyway... that "Richard" is just somebody yanking you guys' chain. Especially since your response is pretty much exactly the sort of thing that someone looking to stir up an aggravated response would be looking for. >_>
Rave: Sorry, below is my post. I was too eager to post and in name box i wrote Luciano
Luciano: If you're not spambot, thanks for interesting proposal (this so called antispam here is easy to fool - even I could write spam program to post here strange messages). Anyway, even if you are spambot this proposal is interesting for Fany, espacially after lost listing on TWC and down of And someday for me too.
Luciano: Hello, I am Luciano I invite you to inscribe your site and this Top in my Top list link » Besides, the Group of Sites «The best sites one the world» offers you to make free advertising for your site. If the proposal interests you, in this site ( link » ) you will be able to see the possibilities of free advertising which the Group offers. I wish you an happy week see you soon I hope Luciano
mphdragon: @Orangre is me :'(
@Orange: Yeah, he was deleted, named banned and ip banned. He might come back with a proxy but still... Can't ban him from this chatbox so he'll still be hating here.
Orange: Good work, Mphdragon. At least in the forum we got rid of that loser. And dont bother yourself with replying to the lurker since that was richard too. All the "richard sided" posts were posted by him in person. You can tell just by the language he is using and the repeated nonsense babbling. And I also dont believe there would be someone so stupid to believe that guys bullshit when the whole case is pretty obvious.
mphdragon: @July I agree and good idea but I think the last update idea might be abit hard to do.
mphdragon: "we should NOT arrest them since there are other criminals in the world that go unpunished for not being caught. " Lurker there is a big difference. It is not that only DH was caught, other comic were also caught in this cheating act but only one got punished. Do you really think it is fair when they were also caught but let off.
mphdragon: Richard had been banned from the forums and deleted from it. Posts to be deleted soon. RICHARD IS BAAAANNNNNEEEEDDDDD (In a language he will understand)
Rave: I could do that, but there are few problems - my lazyness, my lack of time, "I-am-too-poor-to-rent-server-and-buy-domain" problem, and of course I need to have access to database and server for uploading and testing reasons. But it is possible to do for me (even if I have forgotten some of php and MySQL there still is website ;-) ). Of course if I would receive some $$$ or £££ or €€€ or PLN for start work would be faster a bit.
mphdragon: @mphc|ragon hi fakey :P
July: I wish we could make a proper comic list website without corruption and discrimination. Is there anyone capable of doing that? We can use the PHP toplist service, but I would rather like something list oriented where people can sort the comics by last update, alphabet etc. I'm sure comic artists will be happy to join an uncorrupted site!
Cloud: I can't believe someone can make such an ass of himself on his own like that richard. Even if you don't count his inacurate actions about Dragon Heroes on twc, his way of bitching and swearing just proves how low he is. And even writing in the name of other people where he says that he has done well and then agreeing with himself under another name is even far from being childish. He should visit some clinic since he is dangerous to his surroundings. Holy sh*, how can something like that sorry loser exist? I almost feel sorry for him for being so stupid.
Rave: Sorry, I mistyped my nick, so message bellow is my message.
Rvae: "RICHARD: By the way, Wonder why webcomicz is down?" Don't worry, your site will be down too. Very soon.
Soul: What i see, is a childish act by some troll. Just after reading a few shouts, i feel sad for who ever trolls like that, weak, cheap, and without a reason, as always. Richard, it doesn't help to troll, or to spam the forums, poor poor being.
Ridek: Oh, also. After doing some research, I've determined that the comic whose author tipped DH off to the irregular voting patterns is not in the top ten on that website, and, in fact, rarely passes the 200 mark.
Pecaul: I was just writing what I was thinking, it's why I've been on but not posting. I just wanted to think thouroughly on the matter before writing anything in a fit of rage. Might be slow, but it's better than jumping a gun I suppose. And there are a lot of trolls being un proffesional now. Sigh.
Pecaul: Yep. Even as I write there is a troll going round and spamming things up. Think he'll bother reading my post on the matter? XP I dunno this all seems rather silly.
Pecaul: Sigh... I guess the forums will be flooded with death in a few minutes.
Pecaul: Isn't the best way to stop a troll to ignore?
Joker: Then go on, loser, shoot yourself so we can celebrate that the society is free of one retarded bacteria. And dont make us laugh, your website is the same piece of shit as you and there are many better comic listings. DH lost some traffic, so what? Better than being listed on a personal website of and idiot and his fellas. Dont make yourself so important, you sound totally brainless. And you have a forum there, why dont you annoy your people with your personal problems of impotence? I dont think anybody here is interested in that.
RICHARD: By the way, Wonder why webcomicz is down? They're my competition! HAHAHA
Ridek: Jeez, this is a huge mess here. So alright basically I heard that some comic had been knocked off of TWC, and I checked it out, and I felt sorry for Fany... then I read the email exchange. Fany, I know English isn't your first language, but do you not understand the difference between "cheating" and "suspicious"?
RICHARD: You say I've lost? Whose site just lost an outlet of exposure, hm? Your future fanbase will suffer because of me. Besides, I have a .338 Lapua Ultra Magnum with a Leupold 3x20 scope that begs to differ, you little bitches.
George: Haha, this is really funny! Just go kill yourself you idiotic Richard! You totally lost this one! Hope you´ll learn from this and will treat other losers in the hell equally if you were too stupid to understand that here1
Joker: Oh, mr richard finally stopped playing innocent and hiding behind peoples names! Just go on you piece of shit and dont annoy us with your impotence problems. You sure are the king of losers.
RICHARD: Okay, you know what I AM RICHARD!! It's all me, and it has been the whole time. You're too smart for me. Oo-hoo! You know what? You can all go fuck yourselves. This comic is a plotless piece of shit that I never wanted associated on my site to begin with. Now I really want to kill all you little cheating fan fucktards. In fact, I think I'll geo-trace some of those IPs and make my dreams come true!
Orange: Oh, Mr richard changed his nick again. We all get that you are enourmously retarded, you dont have to prove that again and again. You obviously dont even know what youre writing, every kid knows that crime is always a crime and if someone punishes only one of the criminals, then he is even worse criminal. But your brain obviously does not have the capacity to get that. And it would be nice if you stopped hiding the result of your personal needs as cheating while there may not have been anything like that.
Lurker: Just chiming in a bit here. What some members of DH are suggesting is that if a crime is committed and the person committing that crime is caught in the act, we should NOT arrest them since there are other criminals in the world that go unpunished for not being caught. This would be a very poor model for society to follow and the reasoning is extremely flawed. It would be great to live in a world without crime, but considering we live in a imperfect world, the admin of TWC acted reasonably and rationally. You can all continue this circle jerk if you want, I wish your comic good luck, but to deny reality is not going to change reality.
Joker: Mr Troll, Richard or whoever, just try to look at the nonsense you are babbling. If you didnt learn this at school, then cheating is cheating no matter how many percent it is. You really seem to have no sense of equality. Now answer this: 1) Why were only Dragon Heroes punished for cheating when there are many comics that have much more cheated votes? 2) Why are comics being punished for the admins lack of knowledge about how to protect his website from cheating? Just admit it, you loser, you just made up this whole cheating story, because some woman artist got jealous of this comics popularity and you could p*ss your pants to be her dog and execute her order to remove the comic. You suck.
Rave: Yep, maybe it was inactive, Mr. Stupid Admin of TWC (because I believe that you are as Troll in this shoutbox), but still got readers, because art, story and jokes here is very, very funny. I think admin was just jealous of this beautiful comic. And by the way - this is the link that admin of twc should visit (warning for other - it's mental hazard for normal people): link »
Troll: So, you're saying that a comic with 3/4th of its votes being fradulent should be treated like a comic with 1/3th votes being fradulent, tops? Not to mention, the cheating was obvious here; Dragon Heroes has been inactive for half a year, yet it still got into the top 10.
mphdragon: I agree with july. Seriously if the precentage do count then should a comic with 1 cheated vote out of a total of 1 votes be removed. I know this probley wouldn't happen but if it did, no one would care. It not all about the precentage. Yes it is apart of it but it also about the numbers of cheated votes aswell.
July: Seems like you really don't get anything. The problem are not the numbers (nobody knows if they are real anyways) or anyone cheating or not. The problem is about the twc not treating comics equally.
Troll: If someone can't count, it's you. The ratio of cheated votes/total votes is what matters, obviously. You also got the numbers wrong: 36%, 73% and 11000 votes.
July: Seems like some people here can't count. 78% of 7000 and 38% of 25 000 is much less. It was obviously just a stupid excuse for removing Dragon Heroes. And of course we can't be sure if these numbers are real either. Even if they were that is no reason for treating one comic differntly than others. If the twc admin had any intelligence, he would just remove the cheated votes from all comics. Now it really looks just like some friend of his didn't like this comic getting popular.
Troll: no. 73% is too high compared to the rest
mphdragon: Lol, seriously, if they seriously didn't want cheating then something should've happened to that 36% comic. And I mean by this is that it should have happened before DH became in the top 10. 36% cheating votes is to high compared to the rest of them. If they wanted to be fair then something would've happened to it. I agree with Fany that DH was a scapegoat.
Lolwut: Mphdragon: While 36% is indeed a high number, and should definitely be looked into, you can't ignore the fact that DH's % chance of cheating votes was more then DOUBLE the highest % chance that was there. Having a comic jump from a low rank and % chance of cheating all the way up to a place in the top 10 rankings along with an over 70% chance of cheating votes sends up a whole lot of red flags.
Troll: pathetic lol
George: HAHAHA I love the way Fany kicked that Richardś ass and left him totally speechless! That was awesome and funny :D I´m noth surprises, because as he former classmate I know that she is way too inteligent to be fooled by such idiots. Though she was sometimes slow at getting jokes, she always saw right through the core of a problem. We called her "the one that sees too far around the corner", heh. This should discourage another idiots from trying to fool her like this. You rock, Fany!
Orange: There is also no guarantee that someone was cheating. That guy didnt give any evidence and it all really seem like someone just wished for Dragon Heroes to get out of the way and together with that admin made up all this crap. From these emails, I dont trust that admin at all.
mphdragon: Yeah so what does highness have to do about it. Before DH, one of them was really high aswell with 36% cheated votes. You can't complain about this being the highest when that has been the highest for alot longer, since before DH was in the top 10.
Orange: Mphdragon: Thanx, but I dont have the time. I guess Ill stick with the shoutbox. the "me" one: Ooops someone doesnt quite get the situation LOL
me: uh except that you were cheating by a MASSIVE MARGIN over the other comics. % of error will happen with all of them. yours was absurdly high.
mphdragon: Read them messages. My views are on the forum, not gonna right them again.
mphdragon: I agree with orange. Also orange. you should join the forums :P
Orange: Thanx for posting tthe conversation in the forum, Fany. WOW, he really DID say that he accepts cheating for anyone but not for this comic, I CANT believe that! Why didnt he just remove all votes from every comic that his smart systems calculated as cheated, instead of making such an asshole of himself? And after all he didnt give any proof of any cheating, I too can say I have a system that knows wholl be the next president!
mphdragon: I'd really like to see conversation. lol :P I wonder which artist got jealous of the fact your comic beat his/her comic. :D
Soul: Welcome back Fany! i'm sad to hear what happened with your computer and that stuff, and it's good to see your back.
Fany: Well, what can I do? People will always do what they want, I cannot change it. Though... I don't want this to happen to another artist. - Hey, guys, you are strong, you are all joined in many forums, can you make threads about the corruption of TWC? This way we can find out if someone has already experienced it and warn other artists that they can be removed when someone feels they are getting in the way!
July: And youre gonna leave it like that? TWC deserves to die.
Fany: Ah, it's alright. Don't worry about it. I'm not mad at the ones who liked this comic. What worries me is that half-allowed cheating, the admin of TWC said, in all, that he DOES approve of cheating BUT NOT for this comic. (If you want, I will post the conversation to the forums, it's kinda funny.) In the end there may not have been any cause of cheating at all, it was just an excuse for removing the comic. It's just this comic had the bad luck that a friend of that admin whose comic Dragon Heroes topped off disliked it and tried to find a way to have DH "legally" removed from the toplist.
Orange: TWC sucks. That admin is really out of mind. People like him who want to play with other peoples hard work as they please should just go straight to hell. Fany, arent you pissed of at the cheaters and that guy?
Radar: Fany is back! :D I'm so glad you are alright. Let's hope you stay healthy and everything goes well from here on.
July: That TWC guy seriously IS disgusting! Such childish behaviour! Really, like a kid trying to blame someone else to hide their faults! I didnt know the TWC admin was such a pathetic loser! Lets crush the TWC! How dare they sacrifce a comic for their own profit or whatever business they have! yay!! finally a new page after all these months. you rock!!!
ToraYasha: Oh my Gosh! Fany is back! Wecome back, I love your comic. I want to make a dontation to help your comic get back on it's feet. I need to get another pre-paid visa card.
Fany: Seems like someone from the comics my comic topped off accused me of cheating and it was just used as an excuse from removing DH from the top 10 which belong to predefined people, seems like it. Sight, its kind of annoying right after I came back from hospital and final exams... Isn't there anyone willing to deal this out instead of me?
Fany: I asked that boss to give back the votes my readers voted their asses off for and he said he would give back 3000 of them. At least something, but still it is pretty unfair. Its kind of disgusting the way he claimed to want to punish cheaters while he is even worse for punishing a small comic while the biggest cheaters got away safely and hold still thier positions. ShoutBoard