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Mersija: Would love to have the "Blue Memory" kit,but i can't download the elements for it.I really like that kit and would love to have it.Can you please provide a different link for it,4shared won't allow the elements to download. Thanks and Blessings!!
Helga: Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing this beauty. Hugs from Mexico
Lizzy: Thank you very much
Lirios - Netherlands: Thank you so much for Gift For You. It's beautiful.
Chaana: Nancy and CatJ - You can download. It´s OK.
Nancy: Can't down load freebies
CatJ: Cannot download your lovely free kits :( They are password protected and I do not see a password posted anywhere on your site :( Thanks anyway.
Květa: Nádherný zimní kit a krásná prezentace CT týmu
Typus: Hani, ten kalendář se Tě moc povedl. Luxusní provedení, jemná prácička.
angela: Thank you for sharing your talent
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