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Hood: 21.11.2018 In download I brushed up Devastace no ROM version, Residos 2.30 with NeoGS IDE ports, added latest Esxdos 086 with NeoGS IDE ports, and added mp3 player for NeoGS.
Hood: 31.3.2018 Enigma Force for Kmouse added into download section. My first game for Kmouse. Enjoy!!
Hood: 27.3.2018 New TAPmaster 3.0 is here. Much better tool for extracting TAPs now. See download section...
Hood: 12.3.2018 I created a Simple MB IDE disk browser. Grab it in the download section. Great small program, indeed
Hood: 28.2.2018 In download added the old good and essential MB.02+ utilities "TAPmaster" (+disassembling) and "crtap".
Hood: 28.2.2018 For Profi Interface users, Jump to Esxdos added in download.
Hood: 28.2.2018 New nmi menu 1.6 added in download section.
Hood: 10.2.2018 Adding new Flashboot EH 1.18 a, see download...
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