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karel_cz: jeste tu nekdo hraje hd2 nebo hdd?
Woeski: are the server still active? And how do I acces them - I've downloaded something and now I can see the servers however I cannot click on one to join it.
WinteR5: Hello all :D
Harmasan: Enemy is watching you..
Cxnsxrxd: Nazdar este hra niekdo?
josua: halo halo,je tady nekdo?
Zdenda: Haha :D. Nice one..
MCNAB: 4 or 5 -=VoD=- members have been trying to get back on you should remember all of them Zdenda
MCNAB: Here is a good link from the good old days :) link »
Zdenda: Když myslíš.. :-)
Arican: Stejně to bude tak že se budou hrát jen coop mapy a žádný pvp už nebude
Zdenda: Cus bus, je fakt, že moc textu tady neni :-). No, uvidíme.. :-)
=CZ=Mad_czec˜h?: Čest, co českou verzi stránek?
Zdenda: Hellooo m8s
BetterYouThanMe: helluuuuuuuuuuu
snowman: Helllooooo here :P
Zdenda: Nice to see that old good names are still alive :-). Finishing a sicily1 coop now... should be out shortly at RpR :-)
Arc: nice to see some familiar names I just re-installed for the campaign and co-op.
Zdenda: HD2 is still going alive and well :-)
Zdenda: Thanks m8, it was my fun.. . I am sure it will stay alive for a long time with the help of =RpR= . Check their servers.
Jim Webb: Zdenda it looks like you are the last man standing as others have bailed out.You are a guy that has done a great amount of work on HD2 and gave many people many hours of pleasure.A big thanks for that.
josua: Hello Morty
Morty: Good evening
josua: ten vietcon je chaoticka mapa,otres
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