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jakadak: Ahoj
madh320: hello vity im getting error like upgrade your browser (recpatcha) evnthough i placed slimmer js in tool folder help
peter: can not be downloaded from
Pista: Could you give me your e-mail to help me?
Štefan: Nelze stahovat z České Televize link »
hrm: please, fix doesn't work again. THNX!
Oskar: I have a problem. When I add an URL for download, it's written: URL is not supported. (translated from Czecj)
marek: mám problem.... ulozto pise chyba java lang RuntimeException
Zocker76: Thank you guys you saved my examination with word rider, because I was allowed to use the Voyage 200!
FrenchStudent: Greetings From France
vend3tta: good job
Axel: Are there any word search for ti 89?
Igor: Ahoj
teme: Hey while i move data to my TI 89 it turns off and that data doesnt come to my TI . Why? It has worked fine like 6 months but now when im trying to move wordrider files, my Calculator tuns off and wont go on untill i remove data cable and one or more batteries from calculator??
question: Hmm where should i save my wordrider txts. im usin hibview, but the messages i wrote with wordrider doesnt come to my ti89?
ali: help hi I need to Language Persian or arabic for WordRider Thank you
Michelio: Je cherche aussi à voir le fonctionnement des marques pages, mais également créer un système de menu pour accéder plus facilement au dossier ? Merci
Muger: PS: merci aux développeurs!! application géniale!!!
Muger: Bonjour tout le monde. Est-ce que quelqu'un comment puis-je faire un table des matières? Est-ce que c'est la marque page? parce que je ne comprend pas le système des marques page... Help please :)
kopi.hop: You can add please : link »
Guillaume: Linda wordRider est gratuit, les lien sont sur la page ;)
linda: bonjour quelqu'un sait si je peux telecharger woldrider gratuit
Jewels: Xtreme
offersfirst: please add to the soft thanks!! link » link » please add to the soft thanks!!
Coco: Thanks for your great work on WordRider !
Mani1: Create a Plugin for
Mani: Hi, Create a link for
kopi.hop: add downloaded from link » thank you
wierzbovski: hello,this program is good...but still isnt working:-( there is alot of files...could you pls fix it? thanks a lot
twriter: AMAZING!!! This program is the f@cking bomb. Been looking for some program that can edit TI-89 anything and this does the work nothing that texas instruments could. thank you SO MUCH :D
Danial: Hi i love the work you do its great , but would like to make a request that could you please make a plugin for sharecash
kopi.hop: hi when will any new version that was on Win 7
Frik3: I have made a tutorial on my friend's forum link here : link »
Frik3: Hey frik here i live in malaysia and i do understand malay, so i hope i can translate it to malay language. I really wanna help you guys. well i got like two weeks of holidays and i got nothing to do :( so if you guys want me to translate in my own language please contact my email :
wierzbovski: for example: link »
Jalal: Thank u very much. I have just one day time to my communication circuit exam and ur prog save me.
kopi.hop: bude new windows 7 ?
jjjjj: Commment on fait pour le telecharger ?
legalizme: Thanks to you i got my high shcool diploma and my university diploma, u rock!
anonymous: This is a great editor for placing my notes on my TI-89 Titanium! However, it was slow until I installed the latest version of Java. Is the next version coming out?
V: Great job!!!
jay: so is this like notefoilo
jason: can i set the folder where the downloads are stored?..and how?
Chris: This program allowed easy writing of statistics notes! Loaded with tons of great features, made storing text files on my TI-89 a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work!
sebastian: felicidades un excelente programa! muy util y facil !
Jonathan: This program is awesome! Works great! Thanks for all you work guys.
Bruno Wiliam: Dude, good job... it's the best one
Toin: Ola! God job. Obrigado!
?????: Доброго времени суток. Вмонтируйте в программу freerapid downloader ограничение скорости загрузки. ну очень надо. Роман. ROVRAD@MAIL.RU
Avi: Bravo pour ce super logiciel, simple d\'utilisation et pourtant TRES complet :) Merci beaucoup aux développeurs
Avi: Bravo pour ce super logiciel, simple d'utilisation et pourtant TRES complet :) Merci beaucoup aux développeurs
Oggy: Magnifique logiciel, et à ma connaissance le seul qui permet d'échapper au clavier de la calculette, d'afficher d'autres fonctions, de souligner, etc...
Maulkin: Bonjour par ici!
iklln6: cheers ol chaps, let me buy you a round of fresh hookers
Russ: None of those fixes worked for me. HOWEVER! If its really laggy for you after a java update, right click on the icon, go to Properties>Compatibility and run in Windows 95 compatibility mode. Works! Hope that helps.
Vity01: See the link below.
Tofu: Hi, sorry to drop in and just ask a question like this, but i've downloaded wordrider 8.0 and had to install java just now to use it. But the program hangs a lot. For example, I click to create a new Ti file and it freezes for about 5 minutes. And it will do the same thing every time I begin to type or add in a new symbol. (Running windows xp media center) Thanks.
Vity: Use the switch. It will help you. I tried it.
chiheb: i have vista and install java11 butthat's the same
Vity: Try to install _11 or use one of these switches: link »
chiheb: I have a permanent freez since a iaccepted java 10
David: Some problems with java 10. icons are cutted and wordrider is very slow (at least 6 seconds to switch a line...). An update planned ?
Mark: Great program, any plans for an update?
Vity-: There are all greek characters supported by Ti89
Alex: Ciao, great fantastic wonderful and almost perfect program! But in next version please put more greek characters (if it is possible)! Thank you very much!
Russ: Almost forgot! Hello! Здравствуйте! Привiт! 喂! ! Cześć! - All the languages I can speak, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Mandarin and Polish.
Russ: In the next version, please make it so that words arent 'cut off' but so that they automatically carry on onto the next line like in microsoft word.
Janos: Hey there! Just another BIG WIDE THX 4 the sw. Such a great product. Keep up the good work. from HUN
Pityu: helló! :) (this is hello in hungarian) :D awesome piece of sw! thanks man! saved my ass with an exam! ;)
David: Bonjour, nice software, but there is no v200 option for saving... But very nice stuff !
Vince: Bonjour :-)
SuperBaobab: Bonjour, good stuff !
Vity: Do you like WordRider?
flo: bonjours
Vity: Please say hello in your native language ShoutBoard