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M'Eel: Had a blast with City Hunter, thank you for your work
idaho: In case somebody was wondering about bluray release of City Hunter. Yes, we know it's out and we love our mokkori hero, but blu ray seem to be just a polished upscale, so it is not really interesting for us.
idaho: Full City Hunter batch link »
Sylontack: Wait my bad I didn't even see that your team only did the second season and not the first.
Sylontack: Total long shot but are the Cat's Eye subs from here available without downloading the whole thing and extracting them? I bought the BDs myself and plan to reauthor the discs with English support.
Gegueure: I started seeding all City Hunter torrents.
To KUNG: Can admin please relaunch seeding city hunter 91 please? im too late too ask for this but please. This anime is really meaningful to me TT Thankyou very much
Idaho: Only the first season though.
rose: can you please upload Cats Eye subtitle files in ass or srt format
Coconut: Hey Are there compressed 720p vedios of City Hunter available. Like this of Angel Heart link » . Superb audio and vedio quality in low size. Help buds!
Idaho: Yes, we have. It looks like a few pictures and voices mixed in the Windows Movie Maker.
Jelem: Do you have the latest City Hunter OAD titled Ryo's Proposal? Thank you.
Michael: can you guys please upload complete cat eye season1 english sub please?
Idaho: You're welcome, Detroa.
Detroa: Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for the subtitles for Cat's Eye 2nd season. :)
Lupin: City Hunter is an ever lasting legend. You're the best group ever, thank you.
ninjacloud: Yo I know I am late but not that much, thanks for doing City Hunter, I didn't watch this anime yet even when I got B-A releases, so I am okay to start getting yours and start it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Someone: Idaho, this guy has been subbing Cat's Eye alone: link » I bet he'd want some help, but who knows? You'll have to ask him.
Idaho: We don't have jpn-eng translator, so we really can't bring "new" shows without dvd subs
Someone: Speaking of really long anime, I know this would probably be a longshot anyway, would mokkori fansubs be willing to sub an anime called "Oishinbo?" link »
Idaho: You are welcome.
Peekaboo: Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you've done with your City Hunter releases. Thank you!
Mokkori-otoko: link »
Idaho: We were asked to do AH few times, but I really don't like the show as I found it full of pathos and very little funny, unlike AH manga which is pretty good. We might pick up Cat's Eye though. We'll see in the upcoming two months.
Marimo: If you guys ever decide to come back as a fansub group, please consider picking up Angel Heart. It's in need of a good MKV encode and as far as I can tell, there are no Czech subs for it.
Idaho: You are welcome, Sly.
SlyzertVoltrond: Well, looks like I'm pretty late in getting here. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and above all, thoughtful decision to include English subs in them, giving us non-Czech fans a chance to enjoy some mokkori goodness. xD You guys are awesome and so are your encodes. :)
CTHunter: Idaho, just wanted to say thank you for all your work!! Mokkori for life!
Idaho: Thanks. :)
Détrôa: You did it, CH is now complete and in very good quality. It's awesome, thank you again
Détrôa: Merry Christmas and happy New Years guys!
SlyzertVoltrond: Ah, I see. Thanks a bunch for the efforts! Much appreciated.
Idaho: Yeah, but I decided otherwise, I'll add the English subs into the conntainer. I have already matched typesetting and did few little changes to A101 subs and left their credit. Even though I think A101 just copied and timed subs from ABCB VHS rip, I cannot confirm it, because I deleted it long time ago.
SlyzertVoltrond: I know I've already asked this on IRC, but just wanted to reconfirm. Will you be doing the 3rd CH ova? IIRC you said you won't include the english subs in it because the DVD subs is very terrible. If that is so, could you please upload the english sub somewhere when the time comes for you to release it for those of us who have no choice but to bear with it anyway.
Sykeen: ok, thanks you for the info ; )
Idaho: Seems like you are correct. I\'ll see if we can make v2 from the new source.
Sykeen: Thanks to the team, you make a great job. I noticed glitches in the episode 10 (1'01 and 10'06). I'm the only one in this case ?
Idaho: Looks like ep 13 is also fine, so as soon as I get subs from my Czech editor, we'll do a release.
Detroa: THanks for the answer :)
Idaho: Oh yeah, I asked one guy to double check ep 12. He said it was fine.
Idaho: I think ep 12 is okay. At least I didn't find any glitches there. Not sure about ep 13. After seeing each eps more than seven times, I feel as good as blind.
Detroa: Thanks again for the new CH91 episodes! Will you add a glitch-free version of the 12th episode in the future or is it already the "good" version?
Reza wahu ak: yeah i know what your mean zzzzz
Idaho: OK, mate, just don't use Comic Sans as a font there. :)
Reza wahu ak: Morning, Hi Im gonna Your Timin in Madlax and re tranlate it to indonesian but dont worry i will keep your logos on that anime and if you are not give me permiss i will delete it from my blog ;)
yourfriendlyfag: oooook, i'll fold on the Exiled-Destiny
Idaho: None so far.
yourfriendlyfag: any plan for the rest of school rumble?
Detroa: Yeah, two more CH episodes to download! Thanks a lot for your work guys!
yourfriendlyfag: thanks god... FINISHED! Now I want a full Rumble session!
Idaho: Looks like I was a bit naive Polar will do his qc check asap, alas, he won't. I can't say when SR will be out, and I stopped caring, I'm really pissed about it, and this is the last joint with KAA we have ever done.
yourfriendlyfag: yaaaaaaaaaay! more and more Rumble!
Idaho: Last three School Rumble episodes can be expected in the next few days.
CHFan: ah I see, I'll try it out then. Thanks!
Idaho: Sorry, there isn't. My upload sucks big time in the last year as I had to move year ago. If the torrents are dead, try to learn downloading from IRC. It's very fast.
CHFan: Sorry but is there a batch for all 13 City Hunter 3 episodes?
Idaho: Hopefully we'll start with CH'91 soon. We still need final encode of SR26 and SR25-26 proofreading.
D: Thank you a lot for subbing City Hunter, your version has definitely the best quality available on the Net. Keep up the good work!
yourfriendlyfag: yeaaaaah!!! More Rumble!!!!!
Idaho: CH91x3 now available from irc bot.
Idaho: CH91x3 will be out tomorrow evening.
Idaho: Looks like SR eps 18-20 are out. Need to make some announcement.
Idaho: If you get me an English editor who doesn't slack, I could finish it in few weeks. -_-
Rumble on !: Please finish school rumble . Your version is the best available. others don't even know how to decimate properly ! and vfr opens a screen in the wrong refresh rate ! Keep up the good work.
Chicken - egg: Not standing in the way of progress is a good thing. That's the first and the last of it. There is always naging , ever since anim5 , mpeg 1 , mpeg 2 , divx, xvid , h264 , h264 with weight-p , h264 hi10p and h264Hi444PP etc ..
TRON: I'ts just too bad bacause Hi10 is not supported by any videoprocessor available. Looks line most people who encode anime don't care about compatibility. Now i've only the option to stick with my old XviDs or recode your future releases to proper 8bit in order to enjoy it on my big screen.
Idaho: CH91 is in 10bit. According to Steelista, encoder, 10bit helped him to avoid ugly halos in dark scenes. Other than that, I don't know.
TRON: May i ask if you started to encode with 10bit ? Looks like CH91 ep1 is the first episode not working on any of man hardware-based media players. I's a real paind lately. Does 10bit even make sense for DVDrips ?
The_same_fag_passing: Great, guys!
The_same_fag_passing: :( I'm really sorry (for you and for me)
Idaho: Well, Polar from KAA has gone god knows where... I'm really tired of this shit all the time.
A_fag_passing_by: yuppi!!! I love you guys!
Idaho: SR 18-20 maybe next week.
Ryoga84: Thank you!
Strider: SR eps 15-17 are out, grab them while they're fresh! :)
cosmos: nice work,thanks!!looking forward the rest,,
Idaho: Gurren-Lagann will be finished next week.
Ryoga84: Oh... too bad :( well... I'll wait
Idaho: I have relieved English editor of his burden a week ago since he obviously couldn't work on it. Unfortunately, I have had lot of work with Gurren-Lagann and proofreading for winter festival of Scandinavian movies, so I can't grab it atm.
Ryoga84: Hi, I want to ask if School Rumble (great work, btw) is, perhaps, stalled?
Idaho: Torrent is up link »
Idaho: Nyaa seems to be down, so torrent will be later when the site is back again.
Idaho: Seems like someone has seeded it, :)
elfenwind: Hey Guys, Just want to ask if you could seed the City Hunter S1 1-51 torrent pls? Myself and some others are hoping for a seeder to finish the downloads thanks
ltt: Hi everyone, appreciate if any kind souls could continue to seed Mr Mumble. Thanks!
Dexil: :D
Idaho: I'll give it 2 weeks.
Dexil: English is good too!!!! Heck i only care about the English version
Idaho: It seems I lost my Czech City Hunter proofreader, so there si no tell when CH3 will come out. If I don’t get a fill-in, I might release it only with English subs. :(
doctor-warlord: so city hunter is coming soon yeah ohh and thanks for all your hard work on making the previous ones available to us
cosmos: i've been expecting CH coming,,,,
Idaho: City Hunter 3 is on the way, we will be releasing it after this summer.
Idaho: We will make everything, but I really can’t say when.
nrl_quaker: Thanks for your hight quality releases. Hope you'll do TV3 next.
Tsuruhashi: Started watching City Hunter with your releases and am looking forward to finishing it with your releases! Thanks for all your efforts!
Idaho: The next will be .357 Magnum - when I'll force myself to time the ending karaoke.
Idaho: City Hunter Goodbye My Sweetheart will be on Tuesday.
Idaho: I was going to release CIty Hunter Goodbye My Sweetheart OVA, but my laptop died, I can't tell when it will be out now.
Idaho: I just found out that some hater has given to all of our projects on Anidb rating 1. I hope s/he has got relieved after it. :-)
Idaho: School Rumble 6-8 is out.
Idaho: Episode 60 is the last in this year. See you in the year 2011.
ltt: Someone please help to seed city hunter 2 ep 10 to 33. Thank you in advance
Idaho: Ep. 55 will be on Wednesday.
Idaho: I'm sorry, we won't be able to release episode 39 today.
kamineko: Thank you! That was my mistake - I had a (dead) torrent for v1 and downloaded v2 right in this directory, than confused which was which... Thanks for the good work! Much appreciated!
Idaho: The Megaupload link is correct, and links to v2.
kamineko: Ummm... if I download the Megaupload file, I get a version with (B0F3927B) at the end, while the torrent version gives me (15698E48)v2. Then you write in the description of the episode: There’s version 2 of the episode 29, because I’ve screwed up and forgotten to mux the English subtitles in the mkv file. So I assume that I need the v2 for the English subs...
Idaho: So... there was no problem in the English version of our website, and the problem in the Czech version was just the numbering of the episodes - two episodes 30 - but the links and episode title were fine. I do not know what are you up to?
kamineko: Could someone plz seed ep 29 / city hunter 2? the Megaupload file is not the v2...
Idaho: Episode 32 will be tomorrow, people are away for the Easter. :/
Bandi18: Hy Guys you make a great job :). THX and go forward with the other seasons :) ShoutBoard