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2.7.2010 (19:05) Odpovědět # X
James Cuming E-mail

i reaguje E-mail:

6.7.2010 (15:35)X

Hello from Czech republic!

That´s a good idea to build the website for L´Arche Zim I´m curious what will Alice Chatindo say. Let me know.

Yes, I have been in Harare for three months in 2007 (a long time ago ) and it was a great experience - to live the same life people there live. I also lived in L´Arche Liverpool - the community there is more connected to L´Arche Zim.

If you want to use the pictures from my website, you can - if Alice agrees. And when the site is ready, let me know, I put the link here.

And: you are always welcomed to CR - we live just one hour from Prague.

Say hello to the oldest community in UK and enjoy the summer,

Ivana Paralova

Usti nad Labem

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