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2.10.2018 (14:01) Reply # X
Paul Grant E-mail

zhrd replies:

3.10.2018 (05:23)X

Hello Paul,

I thank you!


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13.7.2018 (18:52) Reply # X
Raymond E-mail

zhrd replies:

13.7.2018 (19:03)X

I'm just smart :-)

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12.7.2018 (08:59) Reply # X

Raymond replies E-mail:

13.7.2018 (08:06)X

Hi Zdenek,

Thanks for your reaction.

I understand. Zeeland is indeed a smaller part as the whole netherlands ;-). But for me this is my main sailing water ;-). is there a posibility to just generate a Garmin map for this part (with water depths), or is there a way that you can teach me how to do this myself? hope to hear from you again.

zhrd replies:

13.7.2018 (17:53)X

Hi Raymond,

I have made the Garmin map of Zeeland. You can download it at link Let mi know, if the map is OK for you.

Enjoy it!


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11.7.2018 (20:47) Reply # X
Raymond E-mail

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9.4.2018 (20:05) Reply # X
Alex E-mail

zhrd replies:

10.4.2018 (05:19)X

Hi Alex,

to be honest, I don't have any experience with a merging maps in the format AT5. Try to ask at


Alex replies E-mail:

10.4.2018 (13:31)X

Thank you Zdenek for your quick reply.

May I ask what tool do you use to convert the ENC files to AT5? Maybe I can try myself a little bit on my own.


Best regards


zhrd replies:

10.4.2018 (17:45)X

I use the software ogr2ogr to convert ENC files to SHP format. Then I change a bit the dbf files (adding some comumns) and use the SHP files as the input for mapcretor. It's all.


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5.2.2018 (11:20) Reply # X
Pieter E-mail

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31.1.2018 (19:22) Reply # X

zhrd replies:

4.2.2018 (10:53)X

Hallo Pieter,

de ontbrekende dekking is het gevolg van een wijziging van de Nederlandse kaart op de site - enkele nieuwe kaarten werden toegevoegd en enkele oude (jaren 2010-2012) kaarten werden verwijderd.

Ik vond deze oude kaarten in mijn archief en voegde deze toe aan de nieuwe versie van "Waterways". Maar er is natuurlijk een grote vraag. Wat is beter - geen kaart of oude?

Zdenek (niet Zdarma!)

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