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19.9.2019 (14:29) Reply # X
Crossistant Technology E-mail

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شیشه سکوریت اصفهان E-mail

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سالن همایش اصفهان E-mail

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آموزش سئو E-mail

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اسکای رز موزیک E-mail

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SEO Consultancy E-mail

Barry replies E-mail:

13.9.2019 (10:42)X

Now, if things in your restaurant are not 100 percent the way you want them, there’s room for improvement. Here’s the real secret: you can always improve something. Remember that “good enough” is the battle cry for restaurants stuck in a never-ending version of their own Groundhog Day movie (yeah, the one with Bill Murray). You keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same results. That might be okay, for now. However, you must be aware that markets change. Guests tastes and wants change. More competition will come to your town, and while you’re happy doing things the same way, you’ll soon find yourself behind the times. Your once shining brand will become dull in your guests’ eyes. You have succumbed to the first sign on the road to mediocrity: complacency.

Alfie replies E-mail:

13.9.2019 (10:45)X

The number one shadow habit is integrity. The word evolved from the Latin adjective “integer,” meaning “whole” or “complete.” When you have integrity, you’re one with your thoughts, words, and actions. People who are one way on the inside and another way on the outside lack integrity. They struggle with internal/external duality. People with a lack of integrity become conflicted and lose connection with their core values (what they stand for). They are generally unhappy and can find themselves trapped in the pit of complacency. They’re at conflict with themselves. Integrity requires self-reflection. Self-reflection is not easy. However, it is a necessity if you want to elevate your game.

Lance replies E-mail:

13.9.2019 (10:45)X

Sure, you’ve played around on Excel, and maybe you roughly know some of the costs associated with items on your menu. That’s what the average restaurant does. The problem with average is that it just sucks. Time to get in there and become a profit seeker by understanding your spreadsheets!

Is digging into the numbers fun? For some people, yes. For the vast majority, that would be a no. Here’s the thing that many forget: if you don’t like the numbers side of the business, hire someone who does. You must know your numbers, and you must know them every day because things change quickly. Sometimes very quickly! No one said you had to do it yourself. However, you do need to be aware of where the money goes.

Study the reports from your POS system religiously and consistently. Look at your check average. Is there something you could offer or train your team to prompt that might add a few extra dollars to increase the check average?

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12.9.2019 (08:45) Reply # X
Crossistant Technology E-mail

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