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18.10.2016 (00:50) Reply # X

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3.10.2016 (17:18) Reply # X
About Mis-extracting Subtitle

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26.9.2016 (08:13) Reply # X

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17.9.2016 (08:39) Reply # X

Bloody replies:

23.11.2016 (06:29)X

Enter your character, then click on 'modify'.

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12.9.2016 (05:18) Reply # X

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29.2.2016 (17:52) Reply # X

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9.1.2016 (15:54) Reply # X
leslie thomas

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29.11.2015 (17:51) Reply # X

zuggy replies:

16.12.2015 (10:12)X

Ok Ok Anyway, Bloody is the actual subrip developer.

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29.11.2015 (17:47) Reply # X

Bloody replies:

30.11.2015 (01:29)X

Maybe you'd like to pick up this sourcecode as a starting point:

Good luck...

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1.11.2015 (16:04) Reply # X

Bloody replies:

8.11.2015 (09:07)X

Those size limits (no fonts higher than 45 pixels, for example) are hard-coded throughout the program. Very difficult to fix, at least for me.

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28.9.2015 (15:06) Reply # X

Bloody replies:

4.10.2015 (03:18)X


I've just managed to reproduce the problem. It's defo a bug, probably with one of the newest versions. I'll look into it...

mr.rage replies:

9.10.2015 (08:04)X

Thank you for your efforts in advance.

Bloody replies:

13.10.2015 (17:55)X

Try the new update (1.56.1). Should (hopefully) be fixed now.

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30.8.2015 (20:40) Reply # X
Rashmikant Patel

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25.8.2015 (23:04) Reply # X
Rashmiant Patel

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25.8.2015 (01:02) Reply # X
Rashmikant Patel

Bloody replies:

25.8.2015 (01:24)X

The "best guess" function is not very reliable. If you want to be sure that your matrix is 100% correct & reliable, i suggest you forget that "best guess" thing and enter all glyphs manually. It also goes much faster (workflow-wise) to just type the char than 1) having to look at the best guess proposal, 2) making a decision and 3) eventually ending up typing the char anyway (simply typing the right char eliminates step 1 and 2).

About "fill these characters": the problem there is that one never knows in advance if all of the glyphs will be recognized correctly as single-glyphs, or if, sometimes, things like "tt" or "rv" are treated as one glyph. Frankly, i have no idea what would happen then, since i've never used that button either...

Switching GUI fonts on-the-fly doesn't sound like an easy thing to do with Delphi once the window has been created. I'd imagine that changing fonts would likely cause layout issues.

Sorry if i don't have better news there, but i've never used those parts of the program and therefor haven't touched any part of that code.

Rashmikant Patel replies:

25.8.2015 (22:31)X

Thanks for your reply. I will try the method you suggest. For your information, It may be that I have good hard subtitles so I am getting a better than 85% hit on the best guess, so it is handy to manually thypin the glyph to start but at some point I can change thesetting to run this automaically and have minimal editing that I can do in a Notepad editor faster. Thank for a great tool.

Bloody replies:

27.8.2015 (01:04)X

That would still leave your matrix file with errors, i.e., all future subs would contain the same errors.

Better make 100% sure that you don't make mistakes while entering glyphs.

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20.8.2015 (01:34) Reply # X

Bloody replies:

20.8.2015 (04:22)X

Too lazy for that. ;)

Well, as long as SubRip doesn't come with an installer i guess it's safe from Dice's AdWare attempts. Besides, now as everyone knows, they got to be careful, otherwise they would kill their precious site. So i guess they won't try anything like that again...

Besides, i'm an SF user since ~2000 and i never had any trouble there.

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