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30.5.2017 (15:45) Reply # X
Ola Noren E-mail

Julda, OK1NE replies E-mail:

1.6.2017 (13:32)X

Dear Ola:

It is important that each station sends only one log. It is a small mistake to send it under a different call sign than the one used in the contest.

The problem arises when the station sends its log twice under different call signs. In this case, I must manually look for the call signs that hide the logs of that station and guess which one is correct and should be used and which is wrong and should be cancelled. Unfortunately, manual search is time consuming.

Do not rely on me to try to identify with my wrong eyes whether the two logs are the same.

So please: ONE STATION - ONE LOG. Not more.

Thank you.

73 Julda, OK1NE

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