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17.3.2010 (16:38) Reply # X
Mox E-mail

Pouk replies:

7.5.2010 (15:30)X

I would need to see an examples of you Photoshop skills first.

Mox replies:

28.5.2010 (21:34)X

Hi pouk,

If i have time ill make you a backgroudpicture or thometing like that...


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6.3.2010 (11:52) Reply # X

Pouk replies:

8.3.2010 (21:54)X

try "C:Program FilesSierraR.E.A.R.MBinReleaseHomeworld2.exe" -mod rearm0.0.3.big -locale english

(move the qoute after Homeworld2.exe. The old readme wasn't exact)

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1.2.2010 (06:27) Reply # X
Praetors E-mail

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9.1.2010 (22:21) Reply # X

Pouk replies:

10.1.2010 (06:00)X

Well, I want it to look like a full expansion. (I actually really want it to be something like an expansion/datadisk, because I'm keeping all of the Homeworld universe as it is. When I play it, I want to play Homeworld, not a mod)

There are: Hiigaran supercarrier and cloaked bomber/fighter.

For Vaygr: artillery frigate, command frigate, improved basic frigates, some new corvettes (assault, tripple-laser, EMP)

For both: Another two versions of refinery, lot of turrets, plus some drones.

Only thing I know I have on a pictures, but isn't in a mod is a destroyed Bentus and the Vaygr commans station, this things are just in a Singleplayer (which I plan to be in a future fully compatible with the mod.

But you can already test the campaign with the Supercarrier and all other Hiigaran ships).

Jake replies:

11.1.2010 (00:51)X

That is freaking sweet

I would pay money for this mod its so good

i got it working at it is amazing

Jake replies:

11.1.2010 (00:59)X

I have HW2 on mac as well will it work for that/ is a there an instruction set?

Pouk replies:

11.1.2010 (05:23)X

Hey thanks.

I don't have a Mac, nor any experience with it, I don't know how to install mods on it. But there are people runnig the mod on Macs, so I believe it should be working fine.

Jake replies:

17.1.2010 (21:30)X

I've been playing around with the artillery frigate and i was wondering how you switch between the types of missiles. They remain blank to me on the construction menu, i've tried buying every tech available but i can't seem to fond out how to use them

not that i don't like the cluster ones i'd just like to try the others

Pouk replies:

18.1.2010 (16:59)X

I've already made the two frigate presets for the next release (for maximal damage -fusion missiles and two turrets and for maximal range -long range missiles and the probe production), so it will be a lot simplier.

But until then, you'll just have to sell the current missile launcher and buy the one you want. It's the yellow recycle icon in the left corner menu, or just shift+ctrl+X.

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24.12.2009 (21:42) Reply # X
WOOT?!?! E-mail

Pouk replies:

25.12.2009 (06:10)X

glad you like it

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20.12.2009 (21:08) Reply # X
Shann E-mail

Pouk replies:

21.12.2009 (00:21)X

you'll get them soon.

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13.12.2009 (01:40) Reply # X
milansnv - error

Pouk replies:

13.12.2009 (02:37)X

Well, I know exactly what your log says, but I'm not sure why. "Probe_Vgr2" is properly listed in the Familylist.lua. (And the EMP corvette bug doesn't cause the crash, but it's already fixed in the currend state, there was just a double quote or something in the code.)

Plus you don't need to start your game with an "-overridebigfile" parameter, it's necessary only when you have an unpacked version, .big files doesn't need it.

It just came to my mind, that if you have your own Familylist.lua in your "Scripts" folder and you use the "-overridebigfile", the game is loading your familylist where no Probe_Vgr2 is present. But if deleting the "-overridebigfile" won't help, I don't know what the problem is and I'm not currently on my PC, so I can't attempt to solve it right now. But the mod works to everyone else (at least to those who know what the .rar is and that they need to extract it first, I've had two of these cases so far).

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12.12.2009 (01:13) Reply # X
Hell Diguner

Pouk replies:

12.12.2009 (15:03)X

Hey, thank you for your comment!

I don't have a time to repply to the first part right now, so I'll deal just with the answers:

-Drones will be buildable only from the drone frigate (I'm launching them from MS, because I don't have the drone frigate), but at first they'll work just like a squadron controlled by a player without any restriction. Well, it's a little more complicated. There'll be another type of drones, the attack ones and at the end, the attack drones should be controlled by AI and defense drones should have a radius around the frigate in which they can move, but this is something I'll need help with. And because I don't have anyone yet, it won't work at first.

-I need to check FX progenitors, but I assume that it's something like I want to do with the attack drones. It's a good point that the Vaygr should have offensive drones, while hiigaran defensive. I'll reconsider my drone intentions, but Vaygr will have the missile drone thing from concepts, which everyone thinks that it's an interceptor. Plus they have other things, as the mine trap etc.

-armor modules, which cover just a part of a ship. And I wanted to make the armor not just to cover the particular part, but also increase the ship health slightly or take the part of a damage which would damage the ship, or another boost to the ship.

-Too smooth? Maybe they are. But I like them. I'll see, I can do something about it.

-Definitely yes. I have a lot of plans, some of them are unrealistic, but I want to try them anyway to see how unrealistic they are. But about the realistic ones: Maps and bacground: Yes. You'll see, but definitely yes. I have some interesting ideas I want to make. Music: If I'll find someone who can make the Homeworld style music, then why not. Menus and HUDs: Maybe, maybe not. Skirmish features: I desperately need to find someone capable of making my plans come to life. But yes. Some basic things as the different starting fleets and different caps I already have, thanks to one guy.

-I don't dare to say. I want continue to mark it as alpha unless I have most of the ships. It may be to the 0.0.8 or 0.0.9 at max. Beta when the fleet is ready but in the stage when the new maps and other things are being tested. And when It's all working and ballanced, it's 1.0. Then I'll continue to adding maps and maybe small campaign or gamerules or something.

-0.3 will come soon. Unfortunately, it won't be exactly on Christmas as I promised, because some university duty crossed my plans. But definitely at december.

-I don't know

-I've been to one crysis with REARM already, but as an animator student I'm very used to long projects and this thing has already came too far to be just stopped, even it has nothing to do with things I'm normally supposed to do (since when animators make whole game mods WTF ). But don't worry, I can stay years hooked on one thing.

Pouk replies:

13.12.2009 (03:39)X

And the rest:

-About my mod becoming giant: Well, i don't know giant, but if I'll keep at least a half of my ideas, then it will be still pretty big. I just have too many ideas but I don't know how long could it take.

-BTW I'l make my own defender, the Vaygr one, completely from scratch. I just don't know if Hiigarans deserve one too, because they already have the drones.

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7.11.2009 (06:03) Reply # X
Alexander House E-mail

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