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Vity: FRD binary files were reuploaded to FileFactory and Ozofiles.
filmgru: Please add link » plugin!
tong2shot: @Vojta: the main mirror link » ( is still working. I just downloaded and checked the md5 hash, it's fine. But yes, the depositfiles and filefactory mirrors are dead.
tong2shot: Third for the charm : link »
tong2shot: Eh.. the shoutbox software truncate the dot (.) for extension, the last part of URL path should be: nitro_captcha.png.
tong2shot: @john: nitroflare captcha still work fine for me. Captcha example: link » Please post the problem to the forum.
musty: i have problem, unable to selecet list node
filmgru: Please add plugin
Jenda: Mirrors and was deleted.
Vojta: I'm unable to download this tool. Is there any sane mirror site?
john: tong2shot that did not work the same issue continues.....was working last week so something has change.
john: nitro flare still not working will not accept any gotchas...please check it out....thanx
tong2shot: @john: link »
mzhendrix: Plugin updates work fine now, it was probably some server issue
john: i think nitro flare is having issues with the gotcha...please check it out
hyperdragon: zdravím, byl bych vám moc vděčný, FRD podporoval stahování z a Díky
Bot: @nickel: send an email to with a request and description you want it use for
nickel: yes, I read that. I'm asking what to do to have this written permission
Bot: @nickel: it's written there link » No other applications derived from FreeRapid Downloader are allowed to use FreeRapid Downloader's update system (plugins from FreeRapid Downloader server) without explicit written permission of FreeRapid Downloader authors.
nickel: Hi, I want to know under what conditions I can use plugins that are used by FreeRapid by my application.
TheLS: Hi, There is an issue with 0.9u4 build when it comes to displaying on 4k screen. Box doesn't adjust and text is almost unreadable. Is there a chance you could look into it? It would make life a lot easier. Thanks!
Bot: @mzhendrix : it's working fine to me, firewall problem?
mzhendrix: Is anyone else having trouble updating their plugins ? I can get the list of plugins to update, but download fails
me: now it works! thanks
birchie: @raven, @ja, @me: for a readable captcha with datafile (and other plugins) see link »
me: still want capcha code and can't download
ja: proč u jdou pořád dokola capcha kódy a nejde stahovat?
birchie: @me: sample link provided safelinking plugin fixed for MEGA
me: Hi, safelinking for MEGA is not unwrapping correctly. Ex. link »
birchie: @RAMBERT: 1fichier changed the download process - plugin fixed @surfer: freerapid already supports some multihosters
Carlos: Sorry is good. The site was down.
Carlos: Please fix premium
RAMBERT: 1fichier is having some problem -- tag error
c0re: Sorry, vsetko je OK, neaktualizoval sa mi automaticky plugin.
c0re: Na stranke su zase zmeny. Nejde stahovat.
surfer: Could freerapid download manager add multihoster support? Thanks.
tong2shot: @marek: post the problem to forum, attach app.log.
Pavel: Zas se nestahuje z YouTube 1080p a 480p... :(
marek: @tong2shot: I tried to unistall java and install it again, remove frd to another location and start it from there... and still the same problem... just wondering what's wrong, cause some old version of frd 0.83u1 starts correct
tong2shot: @marek: Have your tried this: link »
marek: Please, help me... My FRD starts normally, but after start it stops and I can't do anything. Icons are unactive and I can't press any (even add links). All I can do is Ctrl+Alt+Del to shutdown the app (I can't close it by clicking a "x" button). I have FRD 0.9u4 and Windows 7 Pro. Please, help -
jonas: zdravim, jak nastavim program aby zacal stahovat o pulnoci do rana do sesti treba? je tam takova moznost, nemuzu to najit....diky za odezvu
romanesku: Chyba Message: com.objectdb.o.InternalException Level: SEVERE
romanesku: vcera vypadol a odvtedy vobec nefunguje...
mega: is mega working correctly? it downloads at about 200kb/s but when i download from browser it uses my full bandwith at 2mb/s
tong2shot: @Alex Jiménez: link » username:wordrider password:wordrider
Alex Jiménez: I can download the source code and where . 0.9u4 version of thanks my email
richie: Please include plugin for link » Thank!!!
bot: @Lonezard, @Dark Leon, @Zoroark: is supported by plugin. if its not working provide details (see link » )
Zoroark: Please add Mega plugin for dowload ein ShoutBoard