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birchie: Requests not providing a sample link are IGNORED Requests not providing plugin error details are IGNORED see link »
raptor150: Ahoj, prosím přidejte servery : a . Děkuji moc oba to jsou skvělé servery.
Skrivan: 180upload stil dont work.
user: @birchie for some reason now turbobit no doesnt show the error, but it keep asking for the captcha even when i enter it correctly. it will just show a different after i enter the captcha. after i enter serveral captcha it tell me to wait 10min. because it doesnt show error the log doesnt has anything. Log file shows "WARNING: Couldn't create fir C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\VitySoft\FRD"
dee: zdravim, mam problem z, stale me nefunguje, mate stejny problem?
birchie: @user: turbobit working for me. please attach app.log, containing error message, in the forum
user: @birchie i have latest FRD and plugin. turbobit not working. it shows 'ERROR tag containing "Download" was not found'. links link »
birchie: Requests not providing a sample link are IGNORED Requests not providing plugin error details are IGNORED see link »
Skrivan: 180upload plugin doesnt work. Please repair it. Thanks
wtf: @tongshot, it is working again, thank you very much
tong2shot: @wtf: fixed in youtube plugin v2.5.0.
wtf: Hi, the youtube plugin is not working for some files, the file plays in browser, the error in FRD is: Error Parsing SWF (1) Sample link: link » Please take a look
birchie: @Carlos: no its not -- see link »
Carlos: KEEP2SHARE is broken
Gfx: Add Plugin for videobam and, Please
vcb: prestalo ist ripnut videa z ceskej telvizie
bot: Avg sux,false alarm
J: When I was download FreeRapid from, I have an .zip.exe file and AVG says me link »
tong2shot: @kenn: link »
kenn: BUG hipfile plugin After add a premiun account , cant delete?
Acid: I am not 100% sure, but it seems that link » changed its page structure and this might trigger a plug-in update. Would it be possible to check and update plug-in if need be? Thank you!
Aiden: Im still hoping for and waiting for hulu to start working again. We need a new plugin for it.
MonsterDick: pls can you?
Marcos: Please add premium
bot: @kolem: viz popis znamych problemu ,poskozena neni,jen je to hloupa hlaska
kolem: Na OSX Yosemite po stažení nejde aplikace FreeRapid spustit, hlásí, že je poškozená
johny: prihodte ;)
FAHL: HI ZIPPYSHARE plugin no longer work
wtf: @birchie, hi, just checked the uploadscenter links, they work, thank you very much. Apologies for IDUP link, brain must have been scattered that day.
birchie: @wtf: uploadscenter fixed again link provided works for me
wtf: Hi, apologies for multiple posts. Sample link: link »
wtf: Hi, could you please take a look at uploadscenter again, they keep changing. File is available and downloadable through browser but FRD says 'file name not found'
Corry: Thank you @Bot, I read it.!! @Miro Depositfiles has changed the download. He has taken away the downloader,
Bonnie: is everyone having the same problem with bitshare and kingfiles? they both doesn't work at all. I have used the latest version and updated plugins. But still doesn't work.
Miro: I guess that plugin is not working, its always give me a error while downloading...
bot: @corry: The 4shared plugin no longer work -- Is it the same problem reported in the forum and fixed 3-4 months ago link »
corry: The 4shared plugin no longer work I think for about 4 or 5 months please .. can you fix this.!! Thank you very much.!!!
ignac: prosim pridat stahovanie videii z a DAKUJEM
Douglas: Plugin do gdrive plis
wtf: @birchie, Thank you Very Much, it is working.
birchie: @wtf: fixed sample link provided
wtf: Hi, there seems to be some change in site, the file is available but FRD says Error: Download link not found. Sample Link: link » Please take a look
Ivan: Precisam adicionar o link »
sanorita: can u ad in future
Vity: @jodyp90: link »
jodyp90: Is there any plan for other project? I am kinda intereseting to see what kind of direction will you guys go,
JD: any word on crackle? thanks
john: plugin doesnt work. maybe its homepage was changed. thanks. ShoutBoard