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tong2shot: @yaNDI: fixed, it's cat&mouse game...
birchie: @superb: superbshare plugin fixed detail + sample link provided
yaNDI: is always ERROR load captcha picture !!!! pleaseeeee help...
Scafo: @Bot: ak si pozorne cital, tak mne to robi aj na IE(internet explorer), preto som chrome vylucil
Nosa: @Bot: FR stahne z Prima play pouze kratke video cca 650KB kde je hlaska, ze doslo k chybe. Slo by to prosim nejak opravit? Diky moc
superb: superbshare nefunguje - filesize not found (např. link » )
Bot: @Scafo: Chrome blbne i bez FRD
HV: letitbit plugin not working, please fix
Scafo: Ahojte, potrebujem poradit. Ked mam pusteny FRD, tak mi blbne chrome, niekedy mi dlhsi cas nechce nacitat ziadne stranky a to iste mi robi aj v IE. Niekedy mi surfovanie funguje 15min a zas vypadok na nejaky cas, atd. Ked FRD vypnem, tak po chvilke mi to zacne v pohode fungovat. Myslim, ze to sposobuje JAVA a mozno sa mylim. Mam najnovsiu verziu a robilo mi to aj na starsich verziach. Windows mam vistu a robilo mi to aj na XP. Mal niekto podobnu skusenost, vie mi s tym niekto pomoct? Vdaka
Bot: @XXX: viz link » , je to mozne, jen MacOS je zabugovany
XXX: Na Mac OS není možné nainstalovat poslední verzi ... hlásí to chybu - poškozený soubor.
Bot: @Nosa: ne, protoze uz je iprima podporovano
Nosa: Ahoj. Prosím jen dotaz, zda by sla nejak udelat moznost stahovani z iPrima a PrimaPlay. Ma nekdo v planu udelat plugin pro tento web? Díky
Beatrix: @herkules: Nemáš zač, hlavně, že to jede! Taky přeju a uži si co si postahuješ!
herkules: díky za radu beatrix už to funguje to je dobře tvá rada nad zlato díky a hezky den ti přeji.
Tony: tong2shot Thank you very much for looking at the BBC 4 me. my usual list of proxies just stoped working. if it works for you i just need to find a new list of proxies Thank You!!! All of you
Beatrix: Stahnete si novou verzi a aktualizujte si pluginy - fachá to! - Thanks a lot to author of FreeRapid and all them, they are helping us with our problems!
herkules: tak jak to vydíte s tím ulozto už byto mohlo fungovat
tong2shot: @ulozto posts: works fine for me, contrary to popular believe, we don't have magic crystal ball!!! @myzuka post: fixed.
tong2shot: @to those who have problem with BBC: works fine for me, set CDN to limelight. If problem persists, post the problem to the forum.
herkules: kdy už to ulozto pujde docela by se mi ted hodilo
Olga: is broken :(
Tony: any word on the BBC plugin? Thanks
majakmp3: To: birchie! Great job - thanks and keep rocking!
birchie: @majakmp3: plugin fixed detail + sample link provided
many: "not string beetwen and was not found", "file name not found" (myzuka) and "string checked not found" or something (letitbit). was errors
many: Hi! & letitbit plugins not working. please fix it. thx.
majakmp3: plugin 121 doesn't work for password protected files. After entering a correct password into FRD’s dialogue window, immediately appears an error message: “ERROR – with defined action containing ‘passwoerdProtected’ was not found’! – An error sound follows. Check it yourself! File: link » PSW: JanDrda
TK: Is the BBC iPlayer down? downloads complete with 0Mb (everything is updated)
birchie: re: ulozto posts :: Do you have FRD 0.9u4 and plugin v1.2.1 ?? What is the error ?? With what link ?? -- -- "not working" is useless, posts without details are ignored
FRD No1: Its time to upgrade a little to new UI like Wise products ( And i am not talking about JTatoo or Synthetica or anything i am talking about modern UI.
voborilo: ulozto stale nejede, pujde to spravit?
UloztoNejde: Ahoj vývojáři. uložto nejde ani po aktualizace - ULOZTO not working
herkules: to uložto pořad nereaguje kdy asi tak bude fungovat
FRD FAN: Hi, I hope u fix the ZippyShare plugin as the last update 1.14.19 caused the FRD software a big error by shutting the program down every time it trying to start download any ZippyShare link... I hope u fix it very soon... Thanks in advance
ken: BBC Iplayer not working on radio downloads latest version and plugin, getting identifier not found as an error, what am I doing wrong or has BBC updated its security. Thanks.
HV: letitbit plugin issue, please fix
bot: @john & @vicky: Options > Preferences > Plugins - select plugin & press Options button
vicky: how to download youtube videos in different quality like 1080p and 720p 360p , how do i select which quality i want to donwload
john: hello.i need to download a file in but this file is only for premium useres .how can i do ?
Mauser: Thanks @birchie for fix the plugin
birchie: @Mauser: plugin fixed sample links provided
Mauser: Hi @Vity, FRD 0.9u4 have troubles with plugin v1.1.0, the website update scripts,and the plugin doesn't start the download, count down restart after 4 seconds, sample link » link » . Can fix it??
Diggler: BBC iPlayer Radio plugin not working. Any chance of a fix, please?
Ahsan: Add a chrome extension.. That would be awesome ..
RedStripe: An option to automatically add URL paused from clipboard without having to go to the "Imnsert new UURLs" dialog would be nice. That way you could add URL after URL without having go to FRD until later.
Spektrm: Please can someone do a tutorial for using jPortable (portable JRE) with FRD? :-)
Vity: @Converned: "at least" version X.Y is written everywhere...
Louise: it's sad that can not be grouped discharges packet, especially when they are as part1, etc sorry for my bad english
Concerned: @Vity: Thanks! FRD works fine for me with Java 8 now. It is just the site reads "Official source for all platforms: JRE 7" pointing to the link » and now hosts Java 8 by default and that's was confusing for me at the time I was looking for the Java 8 information on FRD site. You might want to consider updating the web page in the next website release (if you do website releases, of course). I got rid of Java 7 in my system and used Java 8u25 for the past couple of days, FRD works for me with Java 8 - the same sporadic errors as with Java 7, nothing that restart won't fix, except one time. I think for the past two years that I use FRD (four different versions, updating as they released), that last time was the only time that the config file frd.xml was corrupted after an error and subsequent restart. I cannot say what was that - my old Windows 7 setup, download site, Java 8, disk load (or glitch) or a combination of those things or something totally different from what I mentioned, but I restored the file from the backup I made before updating to Java 8 and the application works just fine. Thanks for your hard work! ShoutBoard