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birchie: @MaUsEr: uses google no text captcha = not supported in FRD @harry: see link » and link »
MaUsEr: Hi Vity, i have a plugin request, can add support to, its similar like and linkbucks service, sample link » , link » , link »
harry: Dobrý den Nějak mi nefunguje plugin premium. Po vložení odkazu do freerapidu to ověří že soubor existuje ukáže to zelený bod. naskočí hláška že se zjištuje ale nespustí se stahování. výpis loga freerapidu Thu Oct 08 18:01:45 CEST 2015 WARNING: Couldn't create fir C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\VitySoft\FRD Thu Oct 08 18:01:53 CEST 2015 WARNING: Text content type expected, but binary stream was found Na stránkách mám zaškrtnuto direct download. stahování přez webový prohlížeč mi normálně v režimu premium funguje. nešlo by to opravit? nebo něco je špatně u mne? win7 64bit freerapid 0,94u4 plugin 1.0.5 java poslední verze Děkuji
Bot: @PSoukup: link »
Pavel Soukup: Zdravím, videa z youtube se dělí do dvou, m4a zvuk a m4v video, lze tomu nějak zamezit? DíkyPS
Wilmerson: Too bad it does not have a plugin to download the songs of If one day someone create will be very good.
Parry: Having problems downloading files from xhamster does anyone have a solution to my problem.
Ty: could someone add some TV sites with full episode like Please :)
tong2shot: @Grace: FRD doesn't support conversion FLV->MP4. If you prefer MP4, then set container to MP4 in YouTube plugin settings. This wiki page ( link » ) related to container and quality selection.
Grace: How to solve the auto conversion from FLV file to M4V file? I want it to be mp4.Anyone can help?
mixa: probleme
irick: MP4 or FLV files to M4V are converted downloaded why?
Bot: Do you have a problem Use our forum, there are helpful people
Listo: Thx
Ashraf: Please add a feature that skips un-answered captcha and starts with next download... there`s lots of watsted time while I`m not at home or while i`m sleeping.. yes, I find that it did only 1 or 2 downlaods because I didn`t type in the captcha!! Thanks!!
Dhana: Is it possible to add plugin to download tutorial videos. If it is possible please please add the plugin.. Thank you
bot: @Listo: was updated yesterday
Listo: needs a update.
thanku: pls. add support for this- link » , because there are a lot of sports video to download in this website,thanks
bot: @Tamara: is already supported in plugin
Tamara: please add plugin!!!
weird: weird download speed with alternating 100 kB/s and 0 kB/s patterns every second...which is slower than ~60 kB/s with chrome
windows 10: hello, is it possible that FRD is not working with Windows 10?
Rambert: link » is it possible to remove captcha? as it is not necessary, even i didn't enter to, it download by clickong CANCEL Thank for ur hard=work
tong2shot: @xstand: already supported in plugin. So update your plugin.
xstand: Please add plugin for download from
Carlos: Please fix Depositfiles Premium
capt'n: +Lucas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lucas: add a plugin for the site ""
human: Zdravím, mohlo by být pro stahování z ČT automaticky přidáno datum vysílání pořadu do názvu souboru? Děkuji.
tong2shot: @me,@rlekr, @Mel: see here: link »
me: Uppit shows can't download from service ex. link » Filefactory shows can't download from service ex. link » The icons from these two service has changed to something that's never seen before on FRD
rlekr: Čau, co to je za hajzla to, co se objevuje u všeho místo klasické ikonky? A nic nejde tahat?
Mel: I am trying to download from Youtube after yesterday's plugin download. The 'Service' column shows a logo for instead of the Youtube logo now, and I get an error message reading 'Cannot download from service'. I've never had troubles with Youtube before, and it's only since the last plugin download yesterday. Please help, I'm desperate!
DUYr: Youtube is not working
endy: I used it for years. but FRD stopped working completely with a recent Java update (at least that's my explanation). FRD still runs but is frozen immediately. I reinstalled both Java and FRD with no improvement.
Robert: Plugin please-> Thanks *-*
Douglas Souza: Amigos, gostaria muito que arrumassem um plugin compatível com o servidor:
siva: youtube download , error assess denied . how do i solve
Rambert: could u please include link » plugin please
Bot: @mark: can you be more specific?
mark: there appears to be a compatibility problem with the new java update
birchie: @Carlos: plugin created sample link provided @Richie: embedupload limit raised
Rambert: link » it is having some problem in bypass. Please fixed it.
Richie: Hi, IS it okay for link » to increase the number of extraction more than 10
Carlos: Please add chronos(.to) image host. Link to test: link »
Carlos: Please add link » image host. Link to test: link »
Mike: Trying to download 1 file and keep getting error that you can't download more than 1 file at a time in free mode. Only trying to download 1 file....
birchie: @RecklessRon: and are two alternatives other than UPLOADED.NET, provided in the 'mirrors' section of the download page link » @wilmerson: wants you to register to download, plugin now supports registered accounts
wilmerson: Unfortunately, the plugin is not working ERROR LOG: "no string between 'URL'":"' and "was found ShoutBoard