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Anita: Something seems to be wrong with, it says no string Hope you can fix it.
FMR: I keep getting this message when trying to download from CITV java.lang.IllegalStateException: unsupported protocol: 'tor-gb-http' it happens everytime
panther: Ahoj, plugin neumí VIP účet, respektive zadání přihlašovacích údajů. Bude to možné přidělat?
Pol: Thank you very much you're awesome @tong2shot is working again
SME1984: Are there any possibilities of you may add the website Please answer.
tong2shot: @Pol: it has been solved link » . @Bosco&@FMR: link »
FMR: Hulu was working last week for frd but now seems to have stopped working.
Bosco: Finally got a Hulu plugin update a couple of days ago and it worked as great as ever. But then the very next day (yesterday) it stopped working again. Still not working today either.
Pol: I don´t understand why my FRD is no saving the plugins and therefore I cannot download anything something like a autoreset and beginning all over once and again please someone help me
Cookie: Please add panbaidu plugin on this tool, the website is so freaking slow!
frd: @birchie: website was renamed on sample link: link » screen sample link: link » please update this plugins premium + free
Buger: Jak zobrazit heslo pod teckama u premium uctu? Je to nekde ulozene, kde by se to dalo vycist? Dekuji za odpoved.
Mynona: Plugin pro nefunguje. Po stazeni titulku se v zip souboru nachazi textovyu soubor obsahujici "Pro stahovani titulku pouzivejte nadale jiz jen autorizovany software".
frd: @birchie: It's work fine. Thank you very much
birchie: @frd: share-rapid plugin updated as much as I can without a premium account, using sample link link » from the image, it gets file name & size - if it does not download see link »
skopiciny: změna domeny link » na link »
ACE: Jak přispět když nemám PAYPAL, chtělo by to nějaký normální účet pro internetové bankovnictví... NE ABYSTE ZASE VĚTŠINA NAPSALA SVŮJ ÚČET, Bando...
frd: @birchie: website was canceled. she was replace new is not supported screen sample link: link » sample link: link » Sorry for my bad english
@birchie:: website was canceled. She was replace new is not supported screen sample link: link » sample link: link » Sorry for my bad english
birchie: @frd: already supported by 'share-rapid' plugin (invalid sample link)
frd: please add plugin for sample link link »
birchie: Useful message examples (fill in the blanks) here or in the forum link » "please fix plugin XXXXXX has error XXXXXXXXXXX with sample link XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" OR "please add plugin for XXXXXX.XXX sample link XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" Messages not providing these basic details are IGNORED !! *sample link == a link to put in FRD.
Rodrigo: plugin for :)
Ahmed: Will you add support of Catshare and Egofiles services?
james t: Still no news on hulu? is there anything i can do to help? is anyone working on it? thanks pleasee :-)
john: please ad plugin! thanks. link »
pan: ultramegabit problem 2 days now
pleschi: nejde stahovat z šla by přidat podpora? díky
sanorita: hi, please update plugin of the give "error-cannot download from service"
jackie: any news on hulu (fingers crossed)
hei: zippyshare have some mistake
Vity: @Android: prozatim nikoliv
Android: Zdarec,zajímalo by mě,jestli se neuvažuje o verzi pro Android: Díky
me: Hi, am wondering if you can add sfshare as one of the hosts supported by freerapid. Much appreciated for your consideration.
panther: @Vity: děkuji za fix titulků, přesto se mi nestáhnou titulky, zkus: link »
jenny911: Hulu not working. FRD downloads a 0 size file and quits. I tried downloading several Hulu files over the past 2 days, all with the same result. Please help. Thanks.
h4wk3y: Please, where can i find in my MAC (using java version of Freerider) any file, that contains download history and waiting downloads list? Thanks
win7sp1 Error rep.: link »
james t: thanks tong2shot. anything I can learn or do to help ?
tong2shot: @james t: It's not you : link » . As for youtube, DASH-based stream is not implemented yet.
james t: hulu keeps telling me its complete but dosent download, restarted everything and up to date. is it just me ? thanks and I cant get youtube to DL above 720 ??? (I have seen 4k available) thanks
bot: @just: precetl sis navod jak postupovat nez si tu zacal blekotat? Bye
just: @Bot Keby som to vedel tak ver tomu,ze si ho uz davno urobim sam a nebudem sa tu nikomu doprosovat... Neovladam veci okolo pluginov,na to su tu hadam kompetentnejsi ludia,ktori FRD vytvorili,ale vidim,ze sharerapid maju na haku kedze vsetky veci co sa tu pisu su v blizkej dobe opravene alebo vytvorene nove,ale k sharerapidu sa tu nikto ani len nevyjadri... No nic tak si najdem iny downloader... bye...
Alexei: Zippyshare plugin not working
dk: yes ERROR - file name not found .. lets w8 updautes.. thx.. keep up good works! regards
Anita: Hi, Tusfiles just stopped working, says file name not found. link » and zippyshare not working, says no string found, link » Both worked in browser. Hope it can be fixed again.
Vity: @Panther: Martevax si rad hraje na kocku a mys. Ale vzdali to jiz jini. Upraveno..
Bot: @just: je to open source, nic ti nebrani ten plugin vyrobit
panther7: Ahoj, chtěl bych upozornit, že nefunguje stahování z, respektive seněcos táhne, ale titulky ot fakt nejsou :) Díky za fix. ShoutBoard