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Spektrm: Please can someone do a tutorial for using jPortable (portable JRE) with FRD? :-)
Vity: @Converned: "at least" version X.Y is written everywhere...
Louise: it's sad that can not be grouped discharges packet, especially when they are as part1, etc sorry for my bad english
Concerned: @Vity: Thanks! FRD works fine for me with Java 8 now. It is just the site reads "Official source for all platforms: JRE 7" pointing to the link » and now hosts Java 8 by default and that's was confusing for me at the time I was looking for the Java 8 information on FRD site. You might want to consider updating the web page in the next website release (if you do website releases, of course). I got rid of Java 7 in my system and used Java 8u25 for the past couple of days, FRD works for me with Java 8 - the same sporadic errors as with Java 7, nothing that restart won't fix, except one time. I think for the past two years that I use FRD (four different versions, updating as they released), that last time was the only time that the config file frd.xml was corrupted after an error and subsequent restart. I cannot say what was that - my old Windows 7 setup, download site, Java 8, disk load (or glitch) or a combination of those things or something totally different from what I mentioned, but I restored the file from the backup I made before updating to Java 8 and the application works just fine. Thanks for your hard work!
Obrcian: Please correct plugin to Not download and vote-Tag containing captcha.
Petr: sorry, works!! :-)
Petr: Java 8 fix please.
Jan: Hello, plugin for is not working. Please,fix it. Sample link: link » FRD app.log file: link » Thank you very much in advance.
Vity: @Concerned: it works fine with J8
birchie: @me: uploadrocket plugin fixed sample link provided
Concerned: Hello. I am sure you are very well aware of the announced end of support for Java 7 in April next year. I have checked the FAQ and Documentation sections of the FRD web site and did not find an answer to the following quesitons: Will there be a release of FRD that will oficially recommend using Java 8 for FRD before April next year? Would it be possible to post an announcement on the web site to clarify? Anything can happen, of course, and the release could be delayed or even cancelled, no matter what is posted on the web site now. However, I believe the clarity on the matter is necessary. Perhaps while you considering the announcement you might want to create a roadmap section somewhere on the website to share your vision of the future FRD development milestones. Thanks for the application you created!
jeff: Zippyshare Script Execution failed. please fix or return the previous working script.
me: hi, uploadrocket is showing valid links as dead links... link »
yoyo: hello. can i download in without premium account a file who is for premium user only ?
Lika: Zippyshare fail
Horymír: Zdravím,chci oznámit nefunkčnost stahování z, např.: link » | obsah log souboru: link » Doufám, že se to podaří brzy opravit. Děkuji za pochopení.
zen: Zippyshare plug in off
yoyo: @birchie ..sorry my english is bad .can you explain me in french or spanish please ?
birchie: @Sanorita: "" works, the sample link with "" is invallid @yoyo: if you need a premium account to download the link (???) in a browser then you need one in freerapid
yoyo: i need premium account to download with freerapid ?
yoyo: @birchie .thanks but i have not an account in lol
Sanorita: error "Following URL(s) are not supported by download plugins. Sample Link link »
birchie: @yoyo: ask the site or uploader @Sanorita: this plugin was added last week
Sanorita: please ad
yoyo: hi. don't work with blast
yoyo: don't work for me.....error this file is only available for premiums useres only ....why ?
FRD FAN: Hi, plugin doesn't work since the last plugins update few days ago , I hope u fix it very soon... Thanks in Advance, u r AWESOME!
dummy: @Vity: thank you for rapid response. I was thinking about using some script/program to control your awesome application, so som kind of api/cmd interface would be great. Would it be to much of trouble to create it?
Richie: Can u add plug in
wtf: @bot, thanks, please continue
Bot: @wtf: I think you have a problem with reading
wtf: Hi, the zippyshare plugin is still not working after the update. FRD version: 0.9u4. Zippyshare plugin version: 1.14.14 Sample Link: link » Please take a look. Thanks
Vity: @wtf: LookAndFeels are made by 3rd parties, FRD already include all of usable existing LaFs
wtf: Hi, this is an odd request but whenever you guys release a newer version of freerapid, could you also add a few more 'Look & Feel' options, something which makes it as beautiful as it is helpful.
Vity: @dummy: no, why? 99% users don\'t need it
dummy: It is possible to control FRD using commandline/api/...? I mean perform actions like starting download (eg. list of URLs), ne notified when download finishes etc?
thankyou: please make this link » work again, thanks
thanks: please make this [url= link » ]link[/url]work again, thanks
Surfer: is temporarily down for maintenance and server upgrades. 10/4/2014
Usman: not working
Rambert: Can u please update for link » plugin it is showing error..
SME1984: People, please make link » work on freerapid.
birchie: @moudi: when requesting a new plugin - provide a working sample link & check that a plugin doesn't already exist link »
moudi: please add this plugin "" thanks in advance.
Oradis: @tong2shot: Thanks, that version works
tong2shot: @Oradis: please try plugin v1.2.1
Oradis: Any idea when the BBC plugin will be fixed? Still getthing 'ERROR - Program title not found' message
Oradis: BBC plugin not working for radio, says 'ERROR - Program title not found' Works OK for television programs ShoutBoard