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skr: Hi guys! I tried installing NoTA on my mac (v10.12), and although the installation went off without a hitch, when I try to do a skirmish or a quick game nothing happens when I click the 'start game' button. Any advice on how to debug?
Damgam: Well. Weirdest thing is that it's happening only in NOTA Every other spring game is fine
PepeAmpere: Spring is crashing, Damgam, not much we can do about that on game side. Generally is suggested to have dedicated GPU. Spring working with Intel graphic chips is always a lottery.
Damgam: Yo Danil... have you checked my infolog? any idea what is crashing?
PepeAmpere: nota 1.90r - link »
PepeAmpere: nota 1.90q - link »
danil_kalina: much more
danil_kalina: seems more hours
PepeAmpere: ... or another few hours, because i fell asleep a lot last days
PepeAmpere: Hi Morphy, good times are evenings around 20-24 UTC, but once you are really looking forward some match, join our skype group and we can arrange the game anytime. Btw, new major release is here in few hours with bunch of news and changes! Expect nota1.90q in 24h
MorphDog: Yo whens the peak time?, i wanna play some classic NOTA!
danil_kalina: Friedrid, and other friends, who join battle rooms too late. We usually play at 20:00 - 22:00 UTC. Have fun
PepeAmpere: nota 1.90n released, stable, cool performance all units stats updated on page so they are actual again
danil: go to settings -> lobby and turn on SHOW ALL AUTOHOSTS
papapa909090: thx for updates; create one game with old nota and spring please
Damgam: Lobby say there ''Has Errors" in 101.0 engine...
sgnl05: Is there any way to download and watch other player's replays? I couldn't find anything in the default client, and I couldn't figure out how to download the lobby that's shown in the lobby page on the website. Is there any way to do it?
LEEDOLEEDO: If there is any way to disable the highlighting of metal spots altogether (as in you can't enable it until you turn it back on) please contact me. I have no idea how.
LEEDOLEEDO: Found the source of the access violation problem; it's caused specifically when metal spots are highlighted while using AMD GPUs. This makes you crash when the game begins, and whenever you try to place a mex.
Delly: I will fix it by putting the low graphics settings.
Danil: Wait nota for Engine 102
Delly: >Error: This stack trace indicates a problem with your graphic card driver. Damned radeon.
Danil: send logs: SpringData\nota\logs (portable version)
PepeAmpere: Maybe its caused by bad folder where from you launch the game. Have you tried to move your portable pack to different folder/drive, some Windows folders can have some restrictions
Chris: Any idea how to fix the Access violation error?
PepeAmpere: I havnt tested it on Win10 x64 machine, will test it during this week and try to repro your problem.
rsslcs: Trying to install extra map packs, downlads fine from menu but then it stays at "installing" forever! (win10 pro 64, installer ver.)
TotalIsolation: i had to re-download but i worked the second time.
PepeAmpere: Our server was under attack in last 2 weeks and we hope all problemss were solved. It was possible that download link was not working sometimes for few minutes a day (expect one accident week ago when it took few hours). We appologize to all players.
Nispar: Is the download link down or is it just me?
PepeAmpere: Linux NOTA situation - link »
danil: in progress
yo: Where is the link for linux ?
PepeAmpere: Jools, your problem ticket link »
PepeAmpere: Graves, ticket for your problem was created, we can continue in discussion on link »
danil: Where do you live ?
Graves: I get about 500+ ping on the current multiplayer auto hosts. The ping is even higher for my friends. Yes we are (LAN) partying. I am currently using Windows 10.
danil: you have A symbolic link ? Windows version ? you can use lobby in portable mode, but you have to contact us ;)
Jools: I get an error when trying to install about folder path too long: [img] link » [/img], but actually the problem is it tries to install on wrong drve. I sit possible to install the user config on the same drive as the lobby and not use my documents?
PepeAmpere: It is possible with SpringLobby client. Of course it is not as comfortable as using our autohosts and our lobby, but its generally possible. Is some kind of LAN party or some long term solution for local playing? Is internet connection what limits you? ShoutBoard