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Christian: Thanks for everything Dexter.
Dexter: You need to go to the installation folder of the game. So, find the openBVE folder (usually on drive C: and located in Program Files). Once you are there, go to: UserData -> Legacy Content. You will see there are "Route" and "Train" folder. It is obvious what to put there then. :-) I also creta folders "Object" and "Sound" in the same place where "Route" and "Train" are. Once I have the folders, I unpack the respective files to these folders. May I suggest using the forum for any more questions, as you will not be dependent solely on myself, there will be other people able to assist. link »
Dexter: Well, it's always better to ask questions under one name, since then I know what I have explained and what I haven't. Now I need to go through the messages and delete some. You are not bothering, I am happy to help. Remember that. :) I will deal with your question when I get to my PC. :) ShoutBoard