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VirtualGamer: You press delete, than page down twice, close the doors, than press and hold 5 and 8 for 3 seconds and the train moves ;)
VirtualGamer: It also says: The train plugin C:\...\Roaming\openBVE\LegacyContent\Train\1992TS\WestinghouseATP.dll failed to load.
VirtualGamer: Whenever I open the file the cab loads but there isn't anything else apart from a gray screen with a blue dot in the middle
Dexter: No idea as that is not my work. Ask on the forum.
Tom Whitby: When do you think Epping - Liverpool Street will come out?
Dexter: @Tom: Yep, that is the forst thing to do, always. And it also explains why it works without any problems for me...
Tom Whitby: I have found a fix to this bug, make sure you are using OpenBVE Stable version. Make sure all the correct files are in the correct folders, if not. Re-Download the entire route.
Dexter: I will have to check it out. If it works on my end, then you guys must be doing something wrong. Have you followed the route installation guide?
wiz: i had the same problem as tom whitby please help ShoutBoard