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Jenna Howkins: Owww
nikky: you !!!
D: Crunchy one ;)
42nd Street: Hi i am a promoter from 42nd street one of the top ten biggest blubs in the uk. i think you have imence talent and would like it if you gave me a call as i think we could work together in the future 01618317108 ask for Pedro
Simon Cowell: Please for fuck sake never turn up to one of my auditions as i dont think i can handle listining to 1 more second of this total and utter bullshit. - A tree with no roots is mearly a branch
Biggest Fan: i think this girls songs are really good i love your long black hair and they way you move when you sing chinease proverb - Man who goes to bed with itchy arse wakes up with smelly finger
Susy: Like this guy
BisterExst: Were i can download lyric for song try to follow this?
197BabyGirl: Awesome web page, awesome autor
OGIEMUDIA OSAROBO: The most important thing in life is to stop saying 'I wish' and start saying 'I will'. GET WHAT YOU WANT FROM THIS SITE AND YOU WILL GET THE BEST ShoutBoard