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pee: Is there some problem with plugin? A few weeks ago everthing worked fine, but now I can't download anything.
dee: cauky, muze nekdo poradit jestli je mozne naloudovat do FRD celou slozku s linkama na (abych to nemusel delat zdlouhave po jednom) predem diky
Bylo by to super: Ahoj, chtelo by se vam pridat Jinak diky za tenhle program.
Micheal Fares: Can you add plugin for
human: pls. fix this plugin, it is broken now, link »
bot: @thanks: has been supported for over 2 years link »
thanks: pls add support to this new site link »
me: Thanks Birchie.. you da man once again! whoo hoo
birchie: @me: new link didn't work - tusfile plugin fixed.
ted: any word on Thanks
me: sorry, that link didn't come out right in shout... here is is again... link »
me: all the tusfiles I have lined up says "error starting download" ... here's another example... link » _Killer_Kunoichi_And_A_Shaky_Shikamaru_%5BDarkDream%5D.mkv
birchie: @me: tusfile is working for me. sample link provided
me: Hi, tusfile is not working correctly. Please fix. Thanks. Ex. link »
Bot: @Ashraf: see UI settings....
Ashraf: Hi , excellent software ... but it will be nice if download popup window keeps in background instead of popping up to top each time I copy a link ... thanks..
Louie: Oh please please new version of freerapid
tong2shot: @ggl: write a post/topic in the forum, and attach the patch. We'll commit the code and release the fixed plugin.
ggl: Tong2shot: I wanna uploading a plugin! i fixed errors, and now working this plugin. i think i uploading to site and you put in update list.
tong2shot: @ggl: I'm not sure I fully understand your post, but try this : Help -> Check for new plugins.
ggl: hi! sorry, not "when"..., WHERE i can uploading a fixed plugin. thx
Gabriel: @birchie, there is a problem in sometimes you can't resume a download and you need to cancel then start it again.
ggl: hi! when i can uploading an fixed plug-in? thx
Ronnie: PLEASE INCLUDE " link » " PLEASE
Richie: is having problem in connection, Could you please look into.
Petr: Thank you very much for great program! I use it every day. Please, could you also do freerapid for Windows phone mobile? :)
Rambert: link » Please include this site also. Thank you.
me: @ birchie ... Thanks!!!! u da man
Vity: @Drak: nikoliv, je to velmi male a roztristene obecenstvo s nedobrou podporou Javy
Drak: Dobrý den Plánujete také verzi pro NAS Synology? Na netu je dost žádaná ale neexistuje.
Rambert: could you please include link »
birchie: @me: plugin fixed sample link provided
me: Hi, live uploaded links are showing as error ... Please have a look? Thanks! ... ex. link »
ggl: java script line deleted . i cant use OR in java on two string value. why?
ggl: please help!! its why not working: """" thx
ggl: i found and downloading intellij idea, but the plugins like "read only" not editable. if i editing value, only get the list of methods, and not recompiling. am i stupid? :D :D leaving...yeah? :) i will not give up!
ggl: hi Vity! i wanna editing some not working, and not fixing plugins. where i found the "freerapid-plugintools" app? please add link. many thanks
Bot: @Ibrahim: yes, YOU can
Amr Ibrahim: and the ability to add mirrors
Amr Ibrahim: can u add support for and torrents and download files from zip and add the ability to change the link (e.g when broken) and the support for cookies and add the support for spidering websites and make downloads resumable even if freerapid configration were lost and make an android version
Rambert: Hi, Could you please include plugin for link »
Gabriel: @birchie Everything is fine now, thanks man!
Lucas: Wanted a plugin for site link »
birchie: @Gabriel: plugin fixed sample link provided
seba: Jest szansa na wersje pod androida?
Domča: +3
Petr: Taky prosím o plugin na! :) díky
Ghost: Please plugin! :)
Gabriel: @birchie thanks man!!! It is working, but on some links the download does not start. Sample: link » ,219224910.mkv
Mh: anyone else has problems with ? -- Like a 'tag' problem ? ShoutBoard