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Ramuq: Zippyshare is not working. It is coming .xml file Please fixed it as soon as possible
arabský šejk: ahoj našel jsem link » ale ve freerapid mi to píše že url není podporováno nešlo by to přidat?ahoj
birchie: @Gabriel: Plugin for created sample link provided
emike: has been around for a while. Why no plugin?
Bot: @trevor: dream on
trevor: prosim verzi pro android napr. pres JBLEND link »
alis: plugin neni podporovan, prosim opravit, prede dvema dny vse fugovalo plugin is not included, please fix it, it was workink two days before
Gabriel: Here is a smaple link » ,225965760.mkv%28video%29
Gabriel: Add support for service plz
WTF: @birchie, thank you sir, it works. :D :D may I please request a plugin for , at your convenience of course, but please. :D Thank you again for all the good that you are doing in this world...
birchie: @WTF: plugin fixed sample link provided
theoldman: can you add and Premium Account please
theoldman: Hi. can you also re-do plug-in (Premium account) please. Its not working. most links are in htlm format to site file page. Thank you. All the best.
CCG: Zippyshare is broken.
theoldman: Hi. Very nice software. Please could you add Thank you.
john: Could you add an option who play a sound when EACH download is done please ?
WTF: Hi, the plugin is not working, the file: link » is available for download from browser but FRD says: Error Starting Download. Please take a look. I also request a plugin for please.
Bot: @golem: ne
Golem: nejde stahovat z linků na, pracuje se na nějaké aktualizaci pro linky z téhle stránky???
hello: please add a plugin for sample link is: link » !/masterchef-india-2850-s
mazec: zajimave ,,pomohl restart pc...diky vyreseno
Bot: @Mazec: me to jede, tak popis problem do fora, treba nekdo pomuze
mazec: haze cz vity error captcha soundreader
mazec: ano mam, celou dobu to jelo az ted to blbne...posledni versed je skoro rok stara ne?
Bot: @mazec: mas posledni verzi?
mazec: proc me nejde ulozto prosim?
birchie: @hmm: plugin created sample link provided
Temo: Can you please Make it work on Android Will be awsome, Thank You.
hmm: a plugin for please. link: link »
Jitka: Moc prosím - nova.cz_novaplus - stahuje se pouze zvuk bez obrazu. Děkuji!
bot: @Dvorma:no,it works. Read docs.
Dvorma: This app not support OS X Yosemite.
Bot: RIP rapidshare
Truckfan: Ahoj. Prosím o přidání pluginu na Hostuje se na něm spousta modů pro Euro Truck Simulator 2 a pro další hry. Díky moc. A pokračujte v dobré práci, jste nejlepší!
Cakie: I had lost of link in old version that has been paused. However this links pause had been realized. so now, when i start new version it read old links and and starts to check them so it crush... I want to delete old links log. How can i do it.
miso: Can you add password adding for Comprimed file sizes and protected downloads? will be great, thanks :)
me: @ birchie .... THNX! U ROCK!
tong2shot: @YouTube: It was already fixed, see this topic: link » , make sure you're using plugin v2.6.4.
YouTube: the youtube plugin stopped working with 'error fmt stream map not found message'. i am using the latest frd and the latest plugin.
xfz: please addd 1080p fr stream
bot: @Lukas: plugin has no premium support. see this link » - or this link »
Zdarec: Hello, can you add support to STAHUJ.TO , please? :)
Lukas: Why can not I use premium account, please?
YAACOV2008: Please fix plugin and plugin same as . Thank you
Miro: Plugin pro ČT je už téměř měsíc mimo provoz. Bude v dohledné době zprovozněn?
Jam: Hi. we could not download from link » with your nice downloader.Please make a plugin for this link.Thanks.
Yosemite: Nevíte jak opravit následující chybu FRD na yosemitte "CHYBA - NotAfter: Sun Jan 19....." (Dle rady jsem nainstaloval java 6se, FreeRAPID funguje ale háže to chybu na webshare... :(
Rambert: Please fix::
tong2shot: @yup: already created months ago: link » It only works on the latest FRD (v0.9u4). ShoutBoard