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ggl: java script line deleted . i cant use OR in java on two string value. why?
ggl: please help!! its why not working: """" thx
ggl: i found and downloading intellij idea, but the plugins like "read only" not editable. if i editing value, only get the list of methods, and not recompiling. am i stupid? :D :D leaving...yeah? :) i will not give up!
ggl: hi Vity! i wanna editing some not working, and not fixing plugins. where i found the "freerapid-plugintools" app? please add link. many thanks
Bot: @Ibrahim: yes, YOU can
Amr Ibrahim: and the ability to add mirrors
Amr Ibrahim: can u add support for and torrents and download files from zip and add the ability to change the link (e.g when broken) and the support for cookies and add the support for spidering websites and make downloads resumable even if freerapid configration were lost and make an android version
Rambert: Hi, Could you please include plugin for link »
Gabriel: @birchie Everything is fine now, thanks man!
Lucas: Wanted a plugin for site link »
birchie: @Gabriel: plugin fixed sample link provided
seba: Jest szansa na wersje pod androida?
Domča: +3
Petr: Taky prosím o plugin na! :) díky
Ghost: Please plugin! :)
Gabriel: @birchie thanks man!!! It is working, but on some links the download does not start. Sample: link » ,219224910.mkv
Mh: anyone else has problems with ? -- Like a 'tag' problem ?
Bot: @krsakty: use a forum and describe your problem there
krsakty: hey, thanks so much for the software. I have alittle problem with too much paused download, can you help me? Thanks
birchie: @Gabriel: Plugin for created sample link provided
emike: has been around for a while. Why no plugin?
Bot: @trevor: dream on
trevor: prosim verzi pro android napr. pres JBLEND link »
alis: plugin neni podporovan, prosim opravit, prede dvema dny vse fugovalo plugin is not included, please fix it, it was workink two days before
Gabriel: Here is a smaple link » ,225965760.mkv%28video%29
Gabriel: Add support for service plz
WTF: @birchie, thank you sir, it works. :D :D may I please request a plugin for , at your convenience of course, but please. :D Thank you again for all the good that you are doing in this world...
birchie: @WTF: plugin fixed sample link provided
theoldman: can you add and Premium Account please
theoldman: Hi. can you also re-do plug-in (Premium account) please. Its not working. most links are in htlm format to site file page. Thank you. All the best.
CCG: Zippyshare is broken.
theoldman: Hi. Very nice software. Please could you add Thank you.
john: Could you add an option who play a sound when EACH download is done please ?
WTF: Hi, the plugin is not working, the file: link » is available for download from browser but FRD says: Error Starting Download. Please take a look. I also request a plugin for please.
Bot: @golem: ne
Golem: nejde stahovat z linků na, pracuje se na nějaké aktualizaci pro linky z téhle stránky???
hello: please add a plugin for sample link is: link » !/masterchef-india-2850-s
mazec: zajimave ,,pomohl restart pc...diky vyreseno
Bot: @Mazec: me to jede, tak popis problem do fora, treba nekdo pomuze
mazec: haze cz vity error captcha soundreader
mazec: ano mam, celou dobu to jelo az ted to blbne...posledni versed je skoro rok stara ne?
Bot: @mazec: mas posledni verzi?
mazec: proc me nejde ulozto prosim?
birchie: @hmm: plugin created sample link provided
Temo: Can you please Make it work on Android Will be awsome, Thank You.
hmm: a plugin for please. link: link »
Jitka: Moc prosím - nova.cz_novaplus - stahuje se pouze zvuk bez obrazu. Děkuji!
bot: @Dvorma:no,it works. Read docs.
Dvorma: This app not support OS X Yosemite.
Bot: RIP rapidshare ShoutBoard