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Rolando: Turbobit problems says error
Anushka: i cant download from, should i instal any addon?
Jack55: Could you add That would be fantastic!
Pavel: Čaute, nemohli byste prosím udělat něco se stahovaním z youtube, aby to vždy stahovalo v největší možné kvalitě?
Jan: Přestal fungovat xhamster! Díky!
Tomm: Hi, nitroflare is not working. Could you please fix it? Thanx. Tom
běžný uživatel: Zdravím, bylo by možno přidat podporu pro link » Děkuji.
Aldo: Please, please add support his own software dont let download the highest quality! link »
Aldo: Anybody can add suport its a full YouTube competitor of chinese videos
zse: Problems with Unable to download
User: link » - every day a Error
User: - not working
tong2shot: @emike : sorry about that. fixed in plugin v2.7.1.
emike: YouTube stopped working for me with last update. 1080 does not mux/merge after downloading. Formerly, it downloaded an m4v and m4a and mergerd to mp4. It now downloads mp4 and m4a and does not merge. If I mux the files myself, they are not seekable. Thanks.
dfsdfg: Thanks for plugin. Where IDM fails, FRD does the job!
corry: Thank you very much for repair the Depositfile plugin
corry: Hello, Goodevening, Depositefile give me every day a Error...can you fixed please...Thank you very Much
A.I.Khudair: Request for
Bot: @Raven: what for?
Raven: Please implement a function to change the time stamp of the downloaded files to the date and time of the file on the server.
oli: has keep2share stop working-fail to start download.
robert: pls make frd for android
me: Hi, would you please consider adding this site link »
wtf: @Rebel, +2, absolutely, this is a wonderful software :D
User: Can you add percentage to progressbar and i think filename, size, speed, eta and progressbar is enough in tablemodel and rest will be better in properties dialog.
Bot: @Rebel66: +1
Rebel66: I just wanted to say I LOVE FRD! I don't understand why people use the other "big name internet download managers" . They are crap in comparison to FRD!
Pol: Could you be so kind and make the pluggin for lolabits I think is a new one I'll be very grateful thanx for your attention
ConcernedUser: Hello. Would you please be so kind and check the plug-in for downloading from Details: I enter text for several captha images and the FRD application (or the plug-in) just shows me the capchas again and again, this goes for any file, not just one in particular. Checking for the new plug-ins does not show new plug-in available. Downloading from using web browser works for all files that failed in FRD, though for the same file over browser it shows captchas with one word, while in FRD it shows two words capthas. FRD applications downloads files from other sites just fine, I have to enter text for the capcha once. Thanks!
moudi: please add the plugin " link » ". thanks a lot.
Bot: @Krieg: there is also option not to download new plugins
Yandi: error getting captcha image (3)
krieg: @ Tony : I know, and did it already. But my question was about new plugins/new hosts, that keep reappearing in the updates list, if I don't update/install them.
Tony: Its not downloading from Myzuka anymore.
Tony: has changed to
Bot: @krieg: you can disable/uncheck plugin updates in User Preferences dialog - tab Plugins
krieg: Do you think it would be possible to add a column in the plugin update pop up, in order to remove unwanted updates from the list ? I keep getting the same messages for plugins I don't use. Thanks :) Awesome downloader by the way!
Cyb3r3vil: You Guys Freaking ROCK ! Thanks for years of hard work
Trbrnk: Sziasztok! A oldal letöltéseihez jó lenne egy plugin. Köszönöm!
hello: hi, pls. add support for this site, link » , although there 2 existing plugins for the other two subdomains of this same domain, but they both don't work on this subdomain, thanks
human: i tried other link of, it works, the link i said had problem probably is expired, sorry for the false alarm i reported earlier
Bylobytosuper: Čus, ty se složkou. To možný není, ale zkopíruj si ty odkazy naráz, ne? A nemusíš je vkládat po jednom./// Jinak hoši, co BANKUPLOAD? Šlo by? Díky
pee: Is there some problem with plugin? A few weeks ago everthing worked fine, but now I can't download anything.
dee: cauky, muze nekdo poradit jestli je mozne naloudovat do FRD celou slozku s linkama na (abych to nemusel delat zdlouhave po jednom) predem diky
Bylo by to super: Ahoj, chtelo by se vam pridat Jinak diky za tenhle program.
Micheal Fares: Can you add plugin for
human: pls. fix this plugin, it is broken now, link »
bot: @thanks: has been supported for over 2 years link »
thanks: pls add support to this new site link »
me: Thanks Birchie.. you da man once again! whoo hoo ShoutBoard