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me: example: link »
me: Hi, rapidgator and kingfiles are showing live links as dead links. please fix. thanks! :)
Wilmerson: Please add support for this site link » Thanks!
Someone: @tong2shot: Thank you for the such a rapid responce. I have downloaded the plugin and used it to download a few files to test. I did not yet see the message "Free download is currently unavailable" though "Download URL not found" error message either did not appear for any of the recently donloaded files. Thanks again!
tong2shot: @Someone: "Free download is currently unavailable" error message added, please update the plugin.
Someone: Hello. Thank for the great application. Would you please look into the matter of plug-in returning "Download URL not found" error message. Thanks!
Dr.Rabbit: An plugin would be nice, Thanks alot
Mark: Yes, please next version add grouping files in the main list or categories because the main window is a chaos when there are many links, thanks a lot
birchie: @john: upgrade to FRD 0.9u4, then 'Help > Check for new plugins', if still having problems provide details link » in forum link »
john: was changed to please ad! link »
Louise: Pleas , add grouping of files in the main list or categories
tong2shot: @Vity, @birchie: hehe.. that's about 25% of plugins. I wasn't expecting that many either. If there are some sites that mistakenly deleted, we can revert them by copying from prior to deletion revision, i think that's not a big deal.
birchie: @tong2shot, @Vity: 203 dead plugins removed.. it surprised me too
Vity: @Tong2Shot: No, I was just surprised
tong2shot: @Vity: yes, that'd be me. Is there any problem?
Vity: @Birchie, @tong2shot: did you make plugins cleanup?
Bot: @richie: jde to bez problemu - vypni si antiviry, hraji si na chytre...
richie: chtěl jsem vám tam hodit nějaký lowe ale njede vám donation
Vity: @Skupo: odinstaluj antiviry/firewall...
Skupo: Zdar, mam problem. Vlastnim aktualni verzi 0.9u4 a jak pridam nejaky novy link tak mi to stale ukazuje overuje se a nic se nedeje. Starsi linky, ktere jsem dal jeste davno (z u3 atd.) funguji. Nevite co s tim?
gorry150: Zdravím, prosím přidejte plugin na Děkuji
papa: neuvazujete o vytvoreni app pre android? nizsia spotreba elektriky a moze to robit aj cez noc . are not thinking about the created app for android? lower consumption of electricity, and it can do so overnight.
Timmay435: I forgot about restarting the program... it worked I feel dumb lol its fixed now
Timmay435: Im trying to download links via youtube plugin. and i keep getting the same error: ERROR - cz/vity/freerapid/plugins/services/youtube/YouTubeRunner anyone have some ideas on how to fix this?
daz: thanks for the link to the topic, birchie!
birchie: @plb7777: Change the appearance in Preferences > UI Settings @daz: second the see link » @moi: plugin does not exist (see link » ) Provide a sample link or new/fix plugin requests are IGNORED
Sugar: Can u make link decrypt plugin of thank u
daz: díky moc!
daz: second the motion for oboom premium ( link » ). ta!
moi: Deae,Admin. plugin doesn't work. please fix ,THX.
plb7777: Please change the UI to flat and modern look.
birchie: @pp: latest Kee2pshare plugin (1.0.10) ? what link ? app.log ?
pp: Kee2pshare giving error "slow download in the title was not found"
psasu: please add link »
birchie: @MaUsEr: sample links provided plugin fixed
MaUsEr: Hey Vity, FRD 0.94u4 plugin doesn't work, timer restart after 5 seconds on count down, link » link » link » link »
Manup: Can i download files by Freerapid if my proxy server blocked file size limit ?
Dave: Hello! I wanted to ask if it was possible to add this site link » It´s full of great documentaries and many people would appreciate that. Thanks!!!
kkkk: please add server .... thank you very much
birchie: @Lucas: see link » @kalpan: get FRD 0.9u4
kalpan: Kee2pshare giving error no string between recapatch
Lucas: Add Premium
Aneta: Chci prispet pres paypal, ale vyhazuje mi to upozorneni a i kdyz dam "chci pokracovat", stranka hlasi eror.. :(
maros: prihodte ;)
birchie: Requests not providing a sample link are IGNORED Requests not providing plugin error details are IGNORED see link »
raptor150: Ahoj, prosím přidejte servery : a . Děkuji moc oba to jsou skvělé servery.
Skrivan: 180upload stil dont work.
user: @birchie for some reason now turbobit no doesnt show the error, but it keep asking for the captcha even when i enter it correctly. it will just show a different after i enter the captcha. after i enter serveral captcha it tell me to wait 10min. because it doesnt show error the log doesnt has anything. Log file shows "WARNING: Couldn't create fir C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\VitySoft\FRD"
dee: zdravim, mam problem z, stale me nefunguje, mate stejny problem? ShoutBoard