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tong2shot: @me,@rlekr, @Mel: see here: link »
me: Uppit shows can't download from service ex. link » Filefactory shows can't download from service ex. link » The icons from these two service has changed to something that's never seen before on FRD
rlekr: Čau, co to je za hajzla to, co se objevuje u všeho místo klasické ikonky? A nic nejde tahat?
Mel: I am trying to download from Youtube after yesterday's plugin download. The 'Service' column shows a logo for instead of the Youtube logo now, and I get an error message reading 'Cannot download from service'. I've never had troubles with Youtube before, and it's only since the last plugin download yesterday. Please help, I'm desperate!
DUYr: Youtube is not working
endy: I used it for years. but FRD stopped working completely with a recent Java update (at least that's my explanation). FRD still runs but is frozen immediately. I reinstalled both Java and FRD with no improvement.
Robert: Plugin please-> Thanks *-*
Douglas Souza: Amigos, gostaria muito que arrumassem um plugin compatível com o servidor:
siva: youtube download , error assess denied . how do i solve
Rambert: could u please include link » plugin please
Bot: @mark: can you be more specific?
mark: there appears to be a compatibility problem with the new java update
birchie: @Carlos: plugin created sample link provided @Richie: embedupload limit raised
Rambert: link » it is having some problem in bypass. Please fixed it.
Richie: Hi, IS it okay for link » to increase the number of extraction more than 10
Carlos: Please add chronos(.to) image host. Link to test: link »
Carlos: Please add link » image host. Link to test: link »
Mike: Trying to download 1 file and keep getting error that you can't download more than 1 file at a time in free mode. Only trying to download 1 file....
birchie: @RecklessRon: and are two alternatives other than UPLOADED.NET, provided in the 'mirrors' section of the download page link » @wilmerson: wants you to register to download, plugin now supports registered accounts
wilmerson: Unfortunately, the plugin is not working ERROR LOG: "no string between 'URL'":"' and "was found
RecklessRon: Please add a download site for your program that is accessable to everyone not just paid subscribers to UPLOADED.NET! I think it is a valid issue to suggest that you have more than ONE download site and that if you have one site it isn't paid-only, time-limited or access restricted!
RecklessRon: Can anyone give me a download link for FreeRapid different from UPLOADED.NET? I can't access that site from Thailand.
Frankenspider: please do finally something with Nitroflare. Capcha is unreadable.
tominjo: After a couple of restart of app it work properly now,Some java problems I think.
tominjo: Just started FRD and an error came up: Fatal error. This is unexpected error, which can lead to application instability. Any one can help?
Dmitar90: Attention. not working!!!
Rolando: Turbobit problems says error
Anushka: i cant download from, should i instal any addon?
Jack55: Could you add That would be fantastic!
Pavel: Čaute, nemohli byste prosím udělat něco se stahovaním z youtube, aby to vždy stahovalo v největší možné kvalitě?
Jan: Přestal fungovat xhamster! Díky!
Tomm: Hi, nitroflare is not working. Could you please fix it? Thanx. Tom
běžný uživatel: Zdravím, bylo by možno přidat podporu pro link » Děkuji.
Aldo: Please, please add support his own software dont let download the highest quality! link »
Aldo: Anybody can add suport its a full YouTube competitor of chinese videos
zse: Problems with Unable to download
User: link » - every day a Error
User: - not working
tong2shot: @emike : sorry about that. fixed in plugin v2.7.1.
emike: YouTube stopped working for me with last update. 1080 does not mux/merge after downloading. Formerly, it downloaded an m4v and m4a and mergerd to mp4. It now downloads mp4 and m4a and does not merge. If I mux the files myself, they are not seekable. Thanks.
dfsdfg: Thanks for plugin. Where IDM fails, FRD does the job!
corry: Thank you very much for repair the Depositfile plugin
corry: Hello, Goodevening, Depositefile give me every day a Error...can you fixed please...Thank you very Much
A.I.Khudair: Request for
Bot: @Raven: what for?
Raven: Please implement a function to change the time stamp of the downloaded files to the date and time of the file on the server.
oli: has keep2share stop working-fail to start download. ShoutBoard