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Leslie: new plugin dont work for me!
birchie: @Leslie: your link gave me error "Download link not found", no idea where the 'not compatible' error is coming from?. added a no-text-captcha before the download link. Updated plugin v1.1.0 working again (SlimerJS is now required see link » )
Leslie: if you dont believe me here is one link and try it: link »
Leslie: when i put links in downloader appear the message : links are not compatible with plugin
Roman: Hello to Android FreeRapid not?
bot: @Leslie: what links ? how plugin dont work ?
Leslie: plugin dont work,links are not compatible with plugin.....
tong2shot: @kalpan: fixed in plugin v1.0.1.
bot: @kari: free & premium already supported. see link »
kari: Would appreciate if You could add support for free download (that with captcha) if possible
xeofil: bolo by mozne spravit plugin aj pre SOSAC.TV ?
ran: Youtube "Error" - Please fixed
ggl: Hi! "" plug not working :(
Laca: Hello Premium Data should be improved plugin does not work because the download! Thanks
kalpan: Fileboom not working. Getting error as No string between 'uniqueld" value='" and '" was found. I restarted my pc and and even the exe, still I get the same error
lubabe: Zdravím, nevím jestli je to jen u mne, ale když stahuju z uloz.ta, tak rychlost padá a zase naskakuje, tzn. 292 kB, 0, 292 kB, 0 kB. Co byste doporučili?
birchie: @Antoan @Dan: zippyshare fixed
Antoan: zippyshare not working...please help!;)
QbRt: The download links are very bad
Dan: Hi, error, please fix, thanks
AvB: Does anyone know, what's wrong with Rapidgator? Captcha not found?
birchie: @gerard: re see link »
gerard: site is is the plugin which not is working thanks If you can give me some instructions or solution thanks
gerard: Hello! I have a question I can not download openload I get the following message (Error - javascript eval fail)
cest: >tong2shot-and when will be next release if this program has not been updated 2 years?
tong2shot: @cest: it's bug, and it will be fixed in the next release.
cest: kdyz dam linky do FRD, a zksim je pak prejmenovat, neulozi se na hdd pod jmenem jak jsem je prejmenoval ale tak jak byli do frp importovany...da se to nastavit nekde aby se to ukladalo jak to prejmenuju?...diky za info
koblih: No když pustím 10 stahovaní z uložto tak po pul hodině se mě freerapid sekne zastavený sloupce a pak zčerná obrazovka a jde to jenom minimalizovat tak jedině restard no mám nové pc s win 10 čtyřjádro s procesorem AMD nevýte čim to je?
tong2shot: @tommy: does solution from this post: link » help?
tommy: MacOS version says, that app is damaged and wants to move it to trash :(
tong2shot: @Bob: it's not supported yet, unfortunately.
Bob: Ok tong2shot I will try it. What about link »
gerard: Many thanks it worked to the perfection the download of turbobit
tong2shot: Fix the slimerjs source: link »
tong2shot: @Bob: SlimerJS, malware? no, but probably will give you nightmares (Slimer is name of a ghost in "Ghostbusters"). Joking aside, slimerjs is opensource, you can get the source here: link » The slimerjs author is also firefox contributor.
Bob: Thanks. Go4up works ok but I did not have SlimerJS. I will try it and hope that is not malware in it.
tong2shot: @Bob: works fine for me, I got go4up link, then I got 3 links. If you get "SlimerJS not found" error message, see here: link »
Bob: Hello guys. Nice work! I have request. link » Does not work in freerapid. Why? Thanks in advance.
Oleg: @tong2shot: ater updating turbobit plugin v1.6.3 plugin work! I thank you for a help!
gerard: OK thanks by the solution will try to try and follow the instructions and fails to comment and photo of captures if achievement solve it.
Willrnb: erro plug in soundcloud?
john: ad this link to plugins, please. link »
tong2shot: @gerard: see here: link »
gerard: the reason of my consultation is that not can get nothing of turbobit leaves the message of error: slimer js not found from makes months not can download nothing
tong2shot: @Oleg: please try turbobit plugin v1.6.3. Sibit plugin uses turbobit plugin functionality, there is nothing wrong in sibit plugin itself.
birchie: @Lucas: sample link provided plugin created @grrrgo: filejoker plugin fixed!
Oleg: @tong2shot: my problem on Win 7 link » , but after updating of browser a problem disappears with a, and a problem remains with a
Lucas: Please fix Ex: link » (4).jpg
grrrgo: filejoker plugin is broken!
U2: running under ADMiN and placing FreeRapid somewhere else than default dir does not help ShoutBoard