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ggl: the best zippyshare plugin not working :( "Sript execution failed" error
OSX: Hello! Due to crappy java distros on OSX, please run FRD from terminal with this command: /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java -jar
Tim: Ahoj, byl by problém program FreeRapiddownloader upravit tak, aby běžel na NAS serverech synology pod operačním systémem DSM 6? Děkuji Vám
birchie: @kalpan_ave: Keep2share site is either sometimes giving an error message or has a different page layout that the Keep2share plugin doesn't recognise. If it occurs again attach the log file in the forum link »
prueba: plugin don't work
kalpan_ave: FRD Version : 0.9u4 Keep2share version 1.0.13 Max download is disabled priority = 100 Error Message : ERROR- Tag containing 'Slow download' in the title was not found. I am frequently getting this error message from when downloading for free links. I tried restating the pc and FRD version but get the same error. Sometimes I will this error immediately and sometimes I get this error when 30% or more of the download is completed
corry: Wetransfer is no workng any more..can you fix it please..thank you
zdenek: TO STEJNY DNES:JOJ: kluci nějak blbne, přidám linky do fronty za pár Minut se mi Jako error-file hlasi již není k dispozici, muzim Pak Znovu hosit novy link Z ulož se, pivo zase treba za chvili se HODO Stejný chybu i pri stahovani ... v cem JE problém?
sanorita: Please ad
mordy: je mozne udelat plugin pro captcha podobny tomu na pro aby to rozeznavalo captchu prosim? diky
joj: kluci nejak blbne, pridam linky do queue a za par minut se mi hlasi jako error-file is not available anymore, muzim pak znovu hosit novy link z uloz to, ale zase treba za chvili to hodo stejny error i pri stahovani...v cem je problem?
ddd: Огромное спасибо за программу. Пожалуйста сделайте "скачку" с ТУРБОБИТ Спасибо!
me: @tong2shot Thanks for tip and plugin update! Very happy freerapid user!
tong2shot: @me: thanks for the report, fixed in rapidgator plugin v1.1.13. If the captcha is unreadable, please read this post/topic: link »
me: Rapidgator links are coming up with "captcha not found" ex. link »
Maniek: Is it possible to get plug fo link » THX.
Dan: Ja mam presne to iste ... jvm.cfg
Bot: @Dan @Kaus: remove and reinstall Java
Kaus: I got error: could not open 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_60\lib\i386\jvm.cfg' Can anybody help me out ?
Dan: viete niekto ako to napravit ?
Dan: po prechode na okna 10 a najnovsia aktualizacia javy prestal fungovat ...
nix: please add the @Bot: THX
me: Thanks Bot! Just what I needed!
Bot: see our forum link »
bot: @me: the java autoupdate installer is broken, reinstall Java
me: I updated java yesterday and now, when try to start freerapid, it said "the registry refers to a nonexistant java runtime environment installation or the runtime is corrupted. Can anyone please help on how to get my freerapid working again. thanks! - JS Slimer setup not found [nebo tak neco] - please info wordrider..
dyno: or via frd.bat
mtsi: I am receiving the same error message as *Dyno* in Win7_64 after the latest java update. I managed to lanch the application starting frd.jar (not the frd.exe).
dyno: Win7_64 after jre1.8.0_101 installation: The registry refers to a nonexistent Java Runtime Environment installation or the runtime is corrupted.
Jota: Hi, i update JAVA today and Freerapid stop working, any idea why and how can i fix it? tks
Silver: @tong2shot: Thanks a lot, it works.
tong2shot: @Silver, @don: fixed in ulozto plugin v1.3.13.
WMB: Stopped working on Windows 10 build 14393, even after updating to newest Java. Has been working for years with no problem. Cant find a fix, nothing changed to the previous builds
don: zdravim je mozne pri stahovani z zvysit pocet slotu z 10 ma 20 jako je to u jdownloaderu ( tam ovsem se musi davat captcha) proto radeji volim tento program....akorat to jede jen 2-3mbit 10 sloty, ..20 slotu by bylo lepsi na rychle tahani...diky
Silver: Ahoj, také se přimlouvám k update pro UlozTo - přestalo fungovat stahování zaheslovaných souborů.
16*: Proč se přehraje zvuk i když mám tichý mód?
Bot: Read this first about plugins before posting about plugins into shoutbox. link »
vlado789: Prosim o update pluginu pro - nefunguje zadavani hesla ...
leslie: hello,when you can resolve download problems ?
gagabs: File4Go plugin does not recognizes urls.
Laca: The premium plugins can not be downloaded !?
Thomas: No puedo descargar videos de you tuve cual es la razón, normalmente lo hacia ahora no puedo.
Bot: @Pavel: Jaky si to nastavis, takovy to mas
Pavel: A taky kdyby stahovalo youtube videa v maximální kvalitě by bylo fajn
Pavel: Udělejte prosím i stahováhí pro videa z link » Díky moc
someone: It is better to change name for more popularity of the app.
razorquick: hello ntoskrnl , how have you been
bot: @Singh: Provide details in forum link » ShoutBoard