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sanorita: not working error 'file name not found' working well in browser
Vity: @charms: yes, restart is recommended after Look&feel change
charm: vity nevermind it works after restart. was referring to nimbus.
Vity: @Charm: please provide a screenshot
Jack5: go4up plugin seems to be broken, I always get "Error parsing file size". Also links don't get recognized by FRD. BTW has a new domain (again )
CHARMS: beta 1.0 some skins continue to be missing: main form's min/max/close buttons.
Vity: There is a new version for beta testers: see link »
bot: @Guest: (FYI) "Help > Check for new plugins" will get any plugins fixed before you post a message
bot: @lukasj: Options > Preferences -> General --> Enable direct downloads
lukasj: How can I download from direct link using FRD (if it is somehow possible)?
Bob: What about link »
petra: Uploadgig - ERROR Slimmer Javascript not found
SRK: I can't update plugins it keeps telling me this - Unrecognized Windows Sockets error:87:create - What is that how do I fix it please
Bill Gates: Uploadgig not working to validate
LIZ: Nitroflare not working. thanks
Kuba: Dá se poslat donation i jinak než přes PayPal v dolarech? Radši bych poslal normálně koruny na účet.
Acardius: Nejde stahovat z ulozto,cz
Mates: FRD se při spuštění zasekne. Zobrazí se okno aplikace, ale nelze v něm na nic kliknout. Po zkopírování linku se stahovaným obsahem jej FRD automaticky nevloží do fronty. Program nejde ukončit jinak než přes správce úloh. Nezobrazí nové pluginy ke stažení, pravděpodobně nedojde k jeho plnému nastartování. Bude nová verze s opravou, nebo tento projekt již skončil? Byla by ho velká škoda.
Ashraf: FreeRapid never shows its main screen, just taskbar icon.. I just want to locate stored links.. where can I find stored links file in FRD folder? Thank you!
lenny: nitroflare not distinguishing premium from free. keeps trying to start a premium link without account.
chyba pripojenia: nejde mi aktualizova plugin ani prihlasit, ani stahovat, nevie co sa porobilo, zmazal som program, znova stiahol novy aj zlozku FRD som zmazal ale stale nejde
don: nitroflare showing false positive - inaccurately validating
miro: hey! is there any chance to "create" plugin?
kdeldem: cannot create profile on forum -> cannot require plugins for:,,,
chic: uploadgig still not working. thanks for looking into it.
Jake: can be added?
hrm: please, fix doesn't work again. THNX!
theoldman: Ooops.. Sorry, i meant premium Thank you.
theoldman: Hi. can you do plug-in for Thank you.
Bot: @IR: How to report problem with plugin: link »
IR: Keep getting this message: Tag containing 'Download with FileFactory' was not found. How do I solve this? It is happening at least two weeks. Everything updated, but I still can not download.
tong2shot: To those of you who have problem with https site (for example: depositfiles), see here: link »
tong2shot: @Jancha: update to iprima plugin v2.3.0, and you need to supply your iprima account details into iprima plugin settings: link » If it still doesn't work please post the problem in the forum: link » with example link.
Prima zoom: Prima zoom stále nic. :(
Jancha: Hi, thanks for the new plugin for, but it still doesn't work :( And the same Error - HLS playlist not found
Michal: I don't know but i didn't found any site with https that worked
Tiolisto: plugin not work.
theoldman: Hi. Can you check plug-in. It does not work. Thank you. All the best.
Ebrahim: Ahoj, můžete se pokusit zprovoznit stahování z Díky.
Jancha: Download from is not working, Prima TV has a new designed website, maybe that is the reason. It just says "HSL Playlist not found". Thank you for fixing that.
kalpan: depositfiles plugin is updated to .855 but I get error has remote host closed connection during handshake. I have restarted the frd.exe and even restarted my pc.
kalpan: for deposit files, I get error as Remote Host closed during connection handshake
john: file joker plug in still not working....
jan: have the same issue like denny2312
birchie: @denny2312: your firewall may be blocking java or frd @hrm: plugin fixed @john: complain to filejoker for the 6 hour wait between free user downloads @Bob: those domains supported in plugin
denny2312: hello, downloading doesnt work, i cant update, i cant check plugins, it cant join to server, i dont know if is problem with my internet or it is something wrong with frd server
hrm: hi, not working any more, please, can you fix it? thnx!
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