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gred: dmr: čus,enb nepoužívám,používám kombinaci timecyc souboru co sem někde našel a colormodu s vlastnim nastavenim
gred: speedlover: thanks,well see
dmr: ahoj. co používáš za ENB?
speedlover: goddamn it gred, i love your bosozoku mods so damn much, and none of them are released. please papa gred, please please please release at least one of them. please. i would be very thankful.
gred: hello,sorry,i havent relased this one,but you can find the model on google sketchup,or atleast it used to be there
TheTNT19: Hi MR. Gred! How are you? Would you have the download of Nissan March K11 (GTA SA Mods)? If you have they, could you send it? (Excuse for my English)
gred: haha, not as active as i was,but sometimes i still do something,too bad the comunity is basically dead by now...
KamilCustoms: Those 10years went off like a bullet. Can't believe we still are doing this. This is my flickr yo link »
gred: skype,fb,idk lmao
Chase: gred yo dumass how i contact u i need mods ShoutBoard